Karl from Austria says Hello!

My Name ist Karl an I live in Klagenfurt, the southernmost provincial capital in Austria. It’s close to Italy and Slovenia. I am a multimedia producer, I do web, graphics, photography video, animations, coding and much more.
I have a lot of PCs and a very old Laptop (10 yrs). It ist still working well, but I cannot get replacement accus anymore, so I just am able to use it, when I can connect it to an electric socket.
So I was looking for a new device and was almost falling for the MS-Surface.
But then I read about the eve - so here I am and have signed in for the eve V perk.


Hey! Welcome to the community. What made you choose the Eve V instead of the SP4?

If you have any questions shoot them! :wink:

Hey @Artur!
Mostly the technical data: CPU, display contrast + coating, battery, keyboard and ports.
But also to take part in a kind of revolution
|-] (there is no emoticon for that mood)
All the best, Karl :sunglasses:

Have you seen this thread? If you want anything more just ask!