Just received my Spectrum, turned it on to a blank screen.Extremely disappointing. Hoping I’m missing something. SMH

I’m sorry to reiterate this but I’m so extremely disappointed. After FINALLY receiving my Spectrum and I won’t get into the shipment aspect, I go to turn it on after following all directions to a T and I get no picture at all, smh. It’s hurts just to think about honestly.
I’m using an 8k fiber optic hdmi cord and linking it to my ps5. I get audio out my headphones via the headphone jack but zero image. I even attempted to just turn on the monitor on its own, linked to nothing and I’m getting no image of the menu though I can hear my self scroll through said menu. The blank screen will subtly brighten and dim when I attempt to navigate whichever screen I’m at and listening to, but absolutely no image at all.
So very VERY disappointing guys, I’m sorry to be a downer but this one really hurt. I really stayed patient through the shipments mess and made an effort to not vent on any of the available platforms but I had to write this out of shear dissatisfaction.
I’m hopeful that I’m doing something wrong or missing something and this is user error, I would LOVE that. But I figure if that is the case I would have seen this topic in the forum and nothing.

Hope to get some replies that brighten up this gloomy day. Thank you in advance.


I know this is a frustrating situation, but can you confirm that your ps5 still works with your previous monitor? I had a crazy situation with the PS5 in the past which was a one off which I would like to confirm with you.

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Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. My ps5 does still work, I actually use it with a television.

Hi @RichNFameOus,

So sorry that you are experiencing this. Do you happen to have another device on hand to see if it can connect to the monitor?

I am just trying to eliminate the possibility that of faulty monitor. I am wondering if you can you access the OSD?

I attempted to link up a Nintendo Switch with zero success as well. I assume your asking about being able to view the monitor’s osd? If so, I attempted with no success sadly. I have yet to see an image of any degree and bcuz of that, I have to believe the monitor is faulty. Yet I still am hopeful I am missing something and that is not true.

Hi @RichNFameOus,

It would seem like it is faulty. At this stage I would recommend contacting support so we can assist you further with your Spectrum.

Another thing you might want to try is to power cycle. I know it is brand new, but it is worth a try.

May I ask what the power cycle process is? Just to be sure I’ve done it correctly.
The other thing is that I have attempted to contact support with no success either. Any suggestions??

HI @RichNFameOus,

You can do power cycle by turning off the device, disconnect from power for a while then turn on again. You can DM me your ticket number as well so I can try to help you out.

So after the unsuccessful attempts I repackaged the spectrum and it’s been sitting it’s box. I will attempt to power it up once more and that would suffice as a “power cycle” I assume?
Where is this “ticket number” you are requesting located?
Thank you for the assistance

Hi @RichNFameOus,

Yes that will suffice.

Ticket number is the support number when you contact us. Otherwise you can also send me your order number. Whichever is fine :slight_smile:

Again, I am sorry that you are experiencing this. Let us help you out.

One last thing here before the Spectrum is shipped back: have you tried a different HDMI cable?

It’s been noted a few times in the forums that active cables can cause problems. HDMI usually uses electrical connections, so active componentry is needed in order to convert the signal to fibre optic and back again. If there’s anything about the signal that the cable doesn’t like, it can refuse to send anything at all.

It’s also worth noting that you can do 8K over a HDMI 2.0 connection, whereas the PS5 and Spectrum are capable of doing HDMI 2.1. It’s possible that the cable is allowing a HDMI 2.1 handshake, but is then unable to carry the HDMI 2.1 signal as it’s only capable of HDMI 2.0 speeds.

If you can get the Spectrum to recognize any kind of picture signal, you should be able to get into the on-screen controls and set the HDMI ports to 2.0 compatibility mode. That should help the ports play nicer with the cable, although you won’t be able to push the monitor to 4K @ 120Hz any more.