Just pre ordered 2x 4k 144hz

Hello Everyone,
I love pixels and I currently have a 4k 60hz Samsung monitor but I’ve always wanted an additional monitor and I’ve also always wanted a higher refresh monitor for gaming. I do a lot of programming so I prefer the 4k high resolution monitor for reading text, and only recently are companies offering the best of both worlds.

I ordered 2 Spectrum 4k @ 144hz models because not only are the specs ideal for me, but I like the slim bezel and minimalist design and haven’t seen anything else on the market. I’m also tired of every decent monitor being covered in gaming RGB LEDS. I just want some simple minimalistic displays with high performance and Spectrum is perfect for this. I like seeing the community and progress updates on mass production of a brand new product


I concur, like yourself, I too prefer sleek and minimalistic design - a monitor that doesn’t scream out “Look at me, I’m a hardcore gamer”.


Welcome, all serious product research into 4K 144hz hdmi 2.1 monitors will logically lead folks here, glad you made it.

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How much is it? I cant find the price anywhere (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Hey, @Ibra! You can find the lastest pricing info here.

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