Just got my I7 V in the mail

This is going to be the short version as I just finish setting up the V. So far I love how it looks and the feel to it. The unboxing was nice and neat and shipped very well in the box.

The computer is sturdy and feel like a premium item which I like. Windows Hello and the power button is fine, no issue with it so far.

The keyboard, like many of the users have stated, that the lighting is off or not bright in the middle. I think for next time, the lettering should use a clearer plastic so that the light can pass through better. I can tell that the keys are different where the F1-12 keys are raised more which allow for the LED to be seen when looking from a 45 degree angle but the keys are space tightly and lower to the fabric which let less light to be seen unless you are looking at it lower.

The monitor is just perfect and bright and I have no issue with the touch screen but the pen is something that I almost broke. When I try to remove the paper from the pen, I didn’t know the spring would come off and as I pull on the paper, the spring pop out and almost lost it. Lucky after look around my floor for a while, it was found and place back. So be careful.

Now for my setup. I am running it with an Mantiz eGPU with an MSI RX 580 Gaming X GPU and 2 4K monitors. The setup in the beginning slow down the computer as I was setting up the monitor but after it was setup, so far no issues. I got both my monitor running at full 4k resolution with the V also running on the side. I can safely say, it is awesome to finally my 4K monitor going as they been sitting for a month.

Here are a few simple bench marks I gotten so far.

CPU - using Geekbench i7
Single-Core Score - 4029
Multi-Core Score - 7046

MSI RX 580 Gaming X - Geekbench
OpenCL Score - 122945

Intel HD Graphics 615 - Geekbench
OpenCL Score - 18701

So far I notice a few things, where the ram is only running at 932MHz and the CPU is 1.60 GHz with a max of 3.59GHz

I will write more once I use it more, but so far, Thunderbolt 3 is working fine with a little hiccup but I think it is due to my equipment which I may replace soon. Just running the V for far for about 2 hours, it is a little warm in the back but it should be fine for now. Will write more once I use it longer over the weekend.


Awesome. I’ll be following your results closely since I have similar setup.

Have fun with your V

The Mantiz eGPU setup with the RX 580, you going to love it. I am very happy with the setup and everyone work without any issue. Once you plugin the Thunderbolt, just install the GPU driver and everything is working. Only took about 20 minutes for everything to be setup.


Thanks for the heads-up, I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else.

Probably because I don’t think the slip is supposed to be removed. As far as I know, it’s there to indicate which way the battery polarity goes and does not hinder device functionality…



Day 3 of the V.

So I have been using the V light to heavy for the last 2 days after I got it. I can tell you there are some ups and down to the V.

Light use on day 2 after I set it up. Brought it to work to just have it on and do a few light work and it was on the entire time for 8 hours and I can say with light usage and just surfing the net a few hours in between, the battery went from 100% to about 75% which is nice.

Once I got home, it was a different story. I finally had some time to really push the V and I think I did. I connected back to my eGPU and installed Civilization VI to play. I love this game but this is one of those most graphic intense game, and I think I did a number to it. I left the graphic properity to default after installiung it. I play with a custom setting and set it to the biggest map which is a computer killer once I get really in to the game when the entire map is reveal and have multiple computer AI moving on the map. When I stated the game, I notice that the CPU was hovering around 60% and the ram around 35% with my GPU up to 30%. About 2 hour in to the game, I notice that my CPU is still around 70-90%, ram was still around 30% with it sometime hitting 40% once in a while. The eGPU was maxing out at 99% with it running very warm as I can tell the GPU fan was maxing out.

To give you a summary, I played for 6 hours and the bad thing is that the V, gotta pretty warm, not burning to the touch but I can say it feel like 90 degree (estimating) and my eGPU enclosure was hot. At around 5 hours of playing and testing, I gimmy rig my air conditioning to cool both the GPU and the computer to see it it would help which it did.

I have to say that the game ran 90% of the time very smooth even with the heat and the V being an i7y. The other 10%, there was lag but that was when the CPU hit 100% for some reason but it went down right after. My previous desktop with a full blown i7 and a Nvidia Geforce 900 series video card started to lag when I play that long due to the graphic intensity. The only issue was that as other people has pointed out that the USB C/thunderbolt 3 port seems to be a little loose as I accidently hit my thunderbolt cable and it shifted a little which cause everything to crash and had to restore it. Other than that, so far, so good and the RX 580 held out pretty well with me using 2 4k monitor, and playing in full screen mode. It ran hot and at 99% but did not notice any lag which is nice.

Day 3

Its just me taking my V out and being mobile. The carry bag need some work as I order both the zipper and magnetic bag but it needs to be redesigned to actually hold things such as the charger and accessories. The bag holds the V well but that seem to be it especially the magnetic bag as it only hold the V and that is it. Everything else is needed to be held in another bag. The zipper bag at least I can place the USB C cable and pen in it without carrying it in another bad. I have to carry the charger in another bag as it does not fit well. I am already looking to order a new bag that can hold the items I intend to bring with the V. I believe quality is good but I can not recommend to buy.

Usage is good, been using it for 4 hours not stop surfing the web and typing this article and it is at 75% form 100%. I am also setting it more on performance so that may use my of the battery which I do not mind.

In my 3 days of usage, I am happy with the purchase and for normal usage, the V will be fine. For gaming, you must and I stress must get a eGPU as the graphic on the V will not play most or any 3 party games unless u get it from Microsoft Store which will play 80% of them. Be careful of the cable it is not secure tightly, there is some give which is a down side. Also to mention, I have a hard drive in the eGPU, a 1tb WD black and it seem to transfer the file pretty fast, 4gb file took just a few minute. I did not get the transfer rate but it was good.

I will write more as usages goes and if more problem arise. Sorry for being long.


The paper was to stop the battery from running, you know that with most electronics that has battery installed, they say to remove the paper before use, thats why I try to do but I pull too hard which cause the spring to pop off. The spring is not solder to the top of the pen, it is held by tension as the spring is a little bigger in diameter than the pen head. Just glad I found it.

I don’t believe that you’re correct here. My pen worked out of the box. When I pulled the tab it also broke. And I placed it in upside to create the connection.
However earlier today it stopped working. I had to reopen it and use a properly jam the spring in the correct way to get it to work again. I’m convinced that the tab was not meant to be pulled.


I can’t speak of the zipper pouch, but the magnetic one I have, there is actually a small pen holder, looks like a elastic brand tag, inside the pouch. Also, you can fit the cable in the open sleeve though probably not the wall charger - the back of the magnetic sleeve has an open sleeve.

Lol nah it was nowhere near 90°c. Even 65°c is too hot to touch, in fact 60°c enough to cause third degree burns: through your skin and flesh into the fatty tissue (think hot coffee - fresh from the pot but you still can take teeny tiny sips.)

But yes I agree that the V gets hot enough to be slightly alarming, especially since it’s fanless! But I’m willing to bet the chassis never even hits 50°C.

In fact, if you look at the Intel documentation they have measures in place specifically so the exterior of any device never becomes too hot, it triggers a limit called SKINHOT that throttles the CPU.

They could be referring to 90°F. Though that’d translate to about 32°C and be comfortably warm, still far from hot…

Don’t think so: 90°F is just warm, but touching the V after its been under load for hours is kind of like touching someone who has a really bad fever - it’s alarming.

Come to think of it, fever temps area good reference point - if I were to touch someone who was running the same temperature, I’d be a hairs breadth away calling an ambulance, but not too worried that they’re in imminent danger of dying.

So somewhere is the range of 39°C? Just baaarely below 40°C which is brain damage fever temp, which would be like 105°F - 110°F I guess?

I dunno - imo 90f is far too low a guess.

Yep, you are right, sorry from the States, I am using F and not C. if it was 90°C, that would be insane hot.

Well, its been over 4 months since I last review my V and have to say, it is going strong here. No issue so far, other than some quirks which are not really that serious. So far, normal usage, such as watching Youtube, Netflix, Surfing the web, and casual gaming, have not notice any related issues. I am happy with the V. I do notice that during more heavy loaded gaming that the computer does get hotter and my eGPU do ramp up but that about it, but there is no noticeable slow down to the unit.

It been great so far, and I hope in the future that there will be a V 2.0 with an Intel i9 processor and either a Vega or GTX graphics. Dreaming but I hope.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice to hear you enjoy your V. :+1:

Have you got the problem of Ghost touch, wake power drain or screen scratches?

Thank you in advance. :grin:

Just for the record.

I too, don’t have any of the problems you ask about at all.
I had ghost touches once months ago and none since.
It is exactly as I expected it to be and then some.

I love the battery life and the all round advantages of using it.


Ghosting still is happening, just disable the touchscreen as I have it on a GPU so I do not need the touch screen now. No scratches and haven’t had issue with wake power drain.