Just for FUN share a SCREENSHOT - How much RAM are you using at this moment?

I was just discussing some components stuff with the pals and caught myself on a thought – “How much RAM do I normally use?” Surely I popped the task manager and discovered that I am typically using around 6GB of RAM. Share your screenshot and let us know how much RAM are you using at the moment. Cheers :slight_smile:

There you go :smiley:

I see @Konstantinos has quadruple the RAM I have :joy:

However, I find it interesting that…


If you add up all these processes, they take up something more like 2GB and some change (even counting in the “reserved” memory). I once went into a quite long adventure and basically I found out that Windows 10 used a couple of gigabytes for “memory compression”, which is quite ironic, because it uses way more than it compresses :slight_smile: Of course I disabled it when I saw that. Anyway, it seems like what task manager shows is very far from the truth. My tablet has 4GB of RAM and with all the same apps open (and the same number of tabs in Firefox), it still has ~1GB of free memory. And it doesn’t slow down to use the pagefile. I think I once even disabled the pagefile and nothing changed… It seems like it just leaves less “reserved headroom” when working with a smaller amount of RAM. But that doesn’t affect performance.

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I have yet to see it dip below 3 GB RAM in use.

But when it comes to CPU, I have only driven it to 100% once, and that was when I tried to open a tab with everyone I follow on twitter. (The 77% is misleading, as that is only just after I open Task Manager.)

It’s quite ironic that the Task Manager isn’t very light haha

Guess what created this lag spike :joy:



That’s my normal “idle” usage with just 1-2 tabs open in Chrome, Teamspeak and Skype :slight_smile:

Got at 8 GB regularly which is why I upped to 12 now.

That’s on my office PC. Currently it’s actually quite low as I regularly hit 3.7-3.8GB usage :smiley: On my old job I was using about 12GB/16GB but that was with 3-4 VMs running in parallel :upside_down:


Again basically “idle” usage - this time from my notebook I currently use for university.

Just some Chrome-Tabs, Skype and Notepad++ open - no IDE or other stuff that REALLY starts eating my RAM. :slight_smile:

Well, your problem is chrome. Firefox with 100 active tabs eats as much as chrome with 10 tabs. Or even 5.

My SP4 usually has a lot of RAM in use, but it doesn’t bother me too much. Even when it gets high, I barely notice it (if at all), so I’m fine with it. I’m curious about my desktop now (16gb), but I’m not at home so I’m not able to make a screenshot there. On this screenshot my SP4 actually wasn’t using as much as it can sometimes, but I only had about ten tabs open in Edge and otherwise wasn’t doing anything special.

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Currently on my work PC.

What are you running there? :slight_smile:
I think so far you are most heavy user

Couple of spread sheets, lotus notes and CHROME :smirk:

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Ah, that explains everything. I really can’t wrap my head around why people still use that thing… Firefox is just so much better in resource management, lol…

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Only apple user here?