Jimmy's V i5 mini-review

After 48 hours of using V, I am pretty happy with it, I thought I would share my pros and cons:


  • Tablet Device is built really well, build quality is excellent
  • Screen is v.good, subjectively I would say on par with MBP
  • Performance is absolutely fine for everything I usually do (this was a big concern for me from reviews). I work in software and having a bunch of VSC editors open, multiple docker images running and building/running applications all run fine.
  • Form factor is great for fitting in bag even when inside Mozo magnetic case.


  • Keyboard is OK, some keys dont register sometimes, also I would have preferred stiffer keyboard, bends a bit too much when resting on lap.
  • Charger is very deep, I had to create space in the 2 places I charge it (anyone recommend a smaller 3rd party charger?)
  • Pen isn’t great, Buttons are in weird place and overall I dont enjoy using it as much as I hoped.
  • Battery isn’t as good as I expected, anyone recommend a good battery tracker software to get stats?
  • Speaker sound isn’t as good as expected.

After 48 hours use I am pretty happy with what I got. The 3 key questions for me:

Is it worth 1000 euros?
Yes, but not more.

Was it worth waiting a year for?
No, it’s not ‘better’ than other devices I could have bought a year ago.

Would I advise someone to buy it now for 1000 (i5) euro?
Yes, if you can order now and get it within a month, it’s the best value 2 in 1 you can buy today IMHO.


I’m using this one:

And it works well :slight_smile:
It’s the cable-brick type desktop charger, supporting PD and several ports for other gadgets you might need.
Long USB-C cables are expensive and difficult to find good quality ones, desktop chargers like this are hence pretty useful!


I personally use BatteryBar and for my experience in the first few days every battery life in Windows PCs suck hard - after that usually after that it goes up again.


thanks @iKirin I will give that a shout and post back findings after a few days

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Have same feeling about the price myself. Overal quality is exelent. Do not have problems with the keyboard, but we were promised 12h batery live and best 2 in 1 sound expierence, which we did not get. So my feeling is that the V is a litle overpriced.
P.S. Go to the device manager and check line by line “driver update” will be surprised how many will be updated.


There is something really suspicious about windows update causing a significant drain. I don’t know what it’s doing but that’s abnormal behavior from Windows. “Officially” it’s updating and installing updates, but “unofficially” it’s doing something else which is causing the battery drain. Every review I have seen has described the same symptoms consistently.

Windows is doing something else potentially malicious but I can’t know for sure until/if I get a chance to own a V and do some testing. My best guess is, that Windows is trying to map out the hardware specifications and user behavioral patterns and send that information back to Microsoft server for data mining. However, keep in mind this is conjecture at this point.

Sometimes administrative stuff like downloading/installing windows store apps, configuring additional Windows features/packages (eg languages, speech recognition, etc.), also show up as Windows Update in the Task Manager.