Jason's First Impressions - issues and fixes

Will Update this with all the funzies, but seeing how its 2am here - the short list:

V arrived at work, all good!

updated to latest windows and 10 pro.

Installed XTU in order to increase the power limit… I couldn’t figure out how to access the bios. Spamming ‘delete’ didn’t work!
Note that the main limit seems to be the current limit rather than thermal, though watch when you increase the current limit as this is the fastrack to CPU instability.

ran some benchmarks for those worried about the performance (all at 12w, 25.5A), will repeat with cinebench:
EVE Eve V Performance Results - UserBenchmark
but also went crazy to see how far we could go - put the V in the freezer for 10 min and ran inside the freezer:
EVE Eve V Performance Results - UserBenchmark

but now I’m installing office and all of my other personal files so I can use it tomorrow… ill edit and format this post properly then.

@team, great work!


That’s the same V I will have! It looks like the freezer didn’t help very much, about 1% for everything. Could you maybe run another test at 7W so we can see how much of a difference it makes?


I really like your userbenchmark tests, thanks for that! :slight_smile:


Interesting that it puts the performance of the i7-7y75 as 98th percentile! That’s awesome! So at 12.2w we’re basically above all competition.

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Too bad you’re not allowed to use it like that.


First ever sub-zero cooling on the Eve V :joy:


According to Konsta…


Ok so heres the first impressions:

Physical Design

  • Its true, i do think that this tablet is heavy. Definitely not morbidly obese, but it does get tiring to hold while in use after a while. That being said, the extended battery life I think was worth it most of the time.
  • The kickstand is sharp. Be advised what surface you put it on as it can easy scratch surfaces. I have some scratches on my wooden coffee table from pushing the V back. There is a very slight looseness to the stand before the friction hold takes place, but that is largely due to the mechanical tolerances of the hinge and does not present any utility issue.
  • I do wish the kickstand could go back a bit further as that would make reading papers horizontally a bit easier.
  • The top USB-C (non thunderbolt) port is a bit deep. Deep enough such that the charger doesn’t quite grip it tightly. Ive noticed that torqueing the port slightly back such that the tapered side doesn’t push the cable out as much helps, but it is still difficult to keep the charger in when moving the V around my desk.
  • The volume rocker has a very nice tactile way of locating it. The power button not so much. It is a slight annoyance. I am also concerned about the fingerprint sensor getting scratched as it is not recessed.
  • The pen magnets are weak, as previously mentioned. It is difficult to get the pen to stick to the side and I generally just give up and set the pen down. Not the end of the world, but an annoyance that can definitely be fixed with iterations on pens.


  • The pen is hands down the worst I’ve ever tried. The response time is very noticeable and the palm rejection is horrendous due to the almost non-existent activation distance from the surface. I have used many tablets before (Asus’s TF810c) and my current daily (i guess previous daily as now the V will replace it), Thinkpad Yoga 260 all have much better penning experiences. Unfortunately the three all use different technologies so determining if this is a V problem or pen issue is difficult. I will look into using a surface pen to see if this remedies the issue above and the magnet problem.
  • Speakers are acceptable. From the numerous posts regarding the audio quality, i was a bit dismayed prior to getting my V. Perhaps it was a question of standards, but the quality isn’t as bad as it could be. They definitely lack bass, but they aren’t twingy as was the case in my 2011 vaio Z. It is difficult to ask for higher quality audio from such a device without dedicated resonant chambers. I do; however, agree with the sentiment that the audio drivers need to be fixed and that in turn can fix some of the distortion issues i am hearing. Overall, I do not think the V will have mind blowing audio due to physical limitations. It is definitely acceptable for my uses as it stands and is loud enough, but I agree that it can be improved as time goes on.
  • The screen is very nice. To be honest, it is hard for me to discern a difference switching from the uncalibrated to calibrated settings, but i haven’t looked at too many photos on it yet. Text is very crisp due to the resolution (though i wish windows would get their act together and improve on some of their scaling issues on high DPI displays) and the screen is very bright. I haven’t been able to test it outdoors very well as it has been snowing here in PA, but at night its a bit too bright. I would hope that there would be a way to actually LOWER the minimum brightness.
  • The V acceptably fast. For simulations and data processing, It’s no speed demon, but loading and opening documents, writing documents, it works out.
  • I would not recommend using XTU to change the settings on the V. Adjustments to the power limit only makes the device unhappy when suspending leading to a crash. That being said, here is a userbenchmark result for the V under normal room temperatures, and no modifications except for whats out of the box:
    EVE Eve V Performance Results - UserBenchmark
  • Graphics have been good, better than what I have been used to as my thinkpad only had a single channel of ddr4 which severely hampered performance. Its good enough to run E-CAD and kick out models for import to solidworks (but not solidworks itself) and some VERY light gaming. hat being said, there is a bug that ive detailed in the bugs section.


  • The keys are acceptable. Better than my very old Vaio, better than most macs ive tried, but nothing compared to my thinkpad’s keyboard. I would hope that future iterations have dished keys.
  • On certain keys, if you hit them wrong, they seize up slightly and you get this very jarring ‘thunk’ feeling, or not even actuate the key entirely. This is a mechanical issue but i hope that over time the keys ‘break in’ so to speak and this goes away.
  • I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the ‘oops’. The V key is fine, but ive been told by that its hard to take the V seriously and not as a toy due to the oops. Its funny, but sometimes i wish it wasn’t the case.
  • The touchpad moves when you breathe on it. Ok not exactly, but it is very sensitive. When on Bluetooth, it is hard to click and drag sometimes as it will let go of the thing i was clicking on and then move away.
  • I initially had issues switching from pogopin to Bluetooth. If the backlights weren’t enabled, i felt that sometimes removing the keyboard and trying to turn it on with ctl+F12 didn’t actually turn it on. I had to reconnect the keyboard, enable the backlight, remove keyboard, wait til it turned off, then clt+f12 to make sure the keyboard was on and connected. This only happens intermittently.
  • I miss the thinkpad nipple - i am not sure what its really called ,but it is nice. Perhaps in future iterations of the keyboard?
  • The keyboard commands are garbage. this is described in the bugs section.

I will be getting around to posting these bugs officially soon but as for now:

  • I attempted to install the latest graphics from intel 15.60, but every time i go on FB’s website, the ENTIRE screen (taskbar and all) start to flicker and distort. This has only been a problem using Facebook on edge and i haven’t tried it on any other browser. The issue goes away as soon as i switch tabs or close the browser. YouTube is fine, playing ‘overcooked’ is fine, so something is off with FB and the latest driver (and potentially other sites as well?) For now ive reverted back to the Windows Updates driver, but this is still concerning… anyone else having this issue?
  • The keyboard shortcuts need to be fixed. I cant seem to do the windows + <left/right> in order to snap the window. I think somehow any of the keys (fn, windows, ctl) activate the left/right alternate function and they turn into the home/end.
  • similar to above, i cannot seem to do shift+left/right in order to highlight text either. I am sure this is a firmware bug and am confident a patch can be made for this.

Overall, i dont think this blows surface out of the water, but it is a VERY nice computer. Again, @Team, fantastic work despite the delays and setbacks. When i am ever in Europe, how do i buy you a coffee?


Yep - see post above, and here:http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/6283674

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Taking an exacto knife and shaving off the sides really fixes this problem:
The fit is now much tighter.


Glad to know you fixed it but it would be nice to know if this was just your unit or a common problem so @Team could fix LBs.

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This seems to be a problem with the port itself, and I don’t know how easily that can be fixed. Perhaps Eve will think of something.

there was another post on this that i cant find at the moment… so there are at least 2 people with this issue.

Out of curiosity, have you ever used an N-Trig stylus before the V since both of the devices you mentioned use Wacom? I’ve never had issues with writing on the Surface Pro 3/4, so I’m curious if your issues are from just not being used to this type of stylus (since Wacom had better latency, hover distance, and initiation force before the new Surface Pro) or if there’s a noticeable difference between the V and the older Surface Pros. The SP’s writing experience didn’t get really good until the 2017 version.

Ghetto mod of the day, I like it

i have the same problem with the usb-c 3.0 (the upper one) the cable does not go all the way in. its its not very tight, wobbles a little. usb-c thunderbolt is perfect fit.

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Hmm, no i haven’t ever used n-trig, but I dont remember the surfaces being this bad. Ill try to compare sometime if i get the chance.