Jan from Switzerland says hello

Hi there my name is Jan and I live in Switzerland.
I work as a Lighting Designer for Events and do Renderings with Cinema 4D and CAD with Vectorworks.
Usally I work on MAC basis but since some of the software for controlling lights runs on Windows I thought about buying a Surface but then I found the V.
I came across here from Indiegogo and I backed it because I really loved the Idea of a product supported by a community.
I must say that you guys from Eve do a fantastic Job with the V. You always keep the community updated and respond fast. Keep up the good work!
Can`t wait to get my V.
Thanks a lot guys…


Welcome and you wont be disappointed

Hi @JK2010 :wave:

Im Lagger and also from Switzerland. Glad to have a fellow around. :smiley:

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There’s just so many of us!
I’m Michael and from Switzerland as well.

Haven’t searched the topics yet… but I wonder if there will be a Keyboard Cover with CH Layout.
I mean… I’d buy the Eve V anyway. But still.

Well then bother to search for one because if I remember correctly there is one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep I already gave one in :slight_smile:


Grüezi! My name is Dominik and I am from Switzerland as well!
I am really looking forward to the V and I hope they find a proper solution what fits for all :slight_smile:

Hi Jan, welcome to the growing number of Swiss community members. I’m still amazed the Eve team listened to feedback from Swiss community members and produced a Swiss keyboard layout just for us. As a hyper early backer I hope to get my V by the end of June early July. Maybe we can organise a meet up in Basel or Zürich if there is interest.


“If everything goes according to plan, we expect the second batch of Vs to ship between the 15th of July and 7th of August.”

Won’t be early july.

@erzketzer Here you go :smiley:

@TheDestiny since @DeviceDave is a Hyper Early Backer he should recieve his V until mid of July according to the new corrected plan below.

@ToiletSheep, @Lagger_Gandalf and @Alexander_Halbarth

Thanks! The more I get to know Eve V, the community and especially the mentality around Eve the more I am impressed! I am not an active Internet user by any means, and slow to answer (as you see by my delayed answer :sweat_smile:) but here I feel a tingling like I wanna do something, help, tell friends about it :smiley:. Probably to lowest tier of involvement, but for me it’s new :D.

tl;dr: Thanks for the info on the CH layout and I am looking forward to being a part of the Eve community :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys, looks like there are more people from Switzerland then I expected :slight_smile:

Grüezi to all of you…

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What is the final status of the swiss keyboard layout? Is it or will it be available?
How to order it? Will it be possible to choose the swiss layout in the shop?


I would be interested to know what the Swiss community think about the exchange rate of the V’s.
M3 Model: USD 799.00 (CHF 799.00) / EUR 799.00 (CHF 930.00)
It seems that is just our bad luck…


Hello, Swiss keyboard was in the list when i ordered mine ( Limited Bird) so i think it will be present too in the definitive shop.


When the V goes on sale try to order it from the international Store, not sure if it will work tho.

Swiss Keyboard layout will be available.
I ordered mine with it as well

Exchange Rate unfortunately is what it is :frowning:
But Like TheDestiny said: Try to order it from a different shop.
Maybe that helps.

Or I heard rumors that Digitec will sell them in the future :slight_smile:
But I don’t know any details about it, when it would start or what the pricing will be.

Thanks! I thought so, exchange rate is what it is…
I will try to order the V from a different shop…I hope that helps…lets see :slight_smile:

FYI: I opened a discussion about the V on the digitec community in June :slight_smile: They said that they will sell them once they have found a suitable supplier :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. As we know EVE will handle all the sales for the V for foreseeable future.

So unless they start expanding to local shops (which i dont see happening soon) I think the webshop will be the main place to order one.


I totally agree! I just opened the discussion at the local shop to see if they are EVEn interested to implement the V in their range. Lets see what they can do medium or long term…

Of course, I try to get the V from the webshop…OR buy a “Black Friday” Surface Pro and see if this can be enough for my usage…and if not replace by a V or V2

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