Jan from Belgium says hello


I backed the Eve V project as I’ve been a happy user of Windows tables for a couple of years (Surface Pro and Surface Pro3)?
I recieved my V last mont and have been working with it on and off.
I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of the tablet and the lack of bloeatware whe I recieved it.
I’m having some trouble with the finger print recognition (optical recognition by Sorface Pro3 was easier) and am disppointed with de keyboard. The Surface keyboard was lighter, keys more responsive, touchpad way better, never gave connection errors and could be connected backwards to funtion as a counterweight when working wirh the tablet whyle layiung down.

I Look forward to further discovering the V.

Regards from Belgium. Jan


Uh… You wouldn’t happen to be related to this guy, by any chance?

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As far as I know: He is not related to me :wink:

Man - just flat out disowning him like that, not even a “hello”.

Brutal, Jan… just brutal.