Jan 10 2006: Apple introduces a new Intel based Macbook!

16 yeas ago today… er… yesterday Steve Jobs introduced the new Intel based Apple laptops giving the world the first MacBook.

I didn’t think much when they first came out but it wasn’t many years later that I picked up my only MacBook - a white MacBook (non pro). Then a few years later an iMac for my wife. When I transitioned back to Windows I ended up keeping the MacBook around for testing on OSX and when it finally went to the big, crowded, Apple store in the sky getting 2 consecutive minis to sit in the server closet for when those MacOS testing needs arose.

I’ve completely left the Apple ecosystem behind with my lone surviving mini now exclusively running windows 10. And only running local Minecraft servers.

With the M1 Macs I find myself interested in dipping back into the Apple world again to see if I miss it after all these years. From all reports I’ve heard webdev is a dream on the M1 and even better on the M1 Pro/Max.

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That was when I got my very first Mac, a late 2006 white MacBook with the Core 2 Duo chip. It was amazing system for the time, it was my first Mac, my first laptop, had a built in webcam when it was fun to mess around with PhotoBooth, was my first computer with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in and the Core 2 Duo was an impressive chip for its time. The white MacBook hasn’t aged well however as the hard drive died twice apparently due to a heating problem with the design and the plastic chips away at the edge. Replaced it with a 2012 MacBook Pro 13” i5 (non retina) and that was an even better system, no more cheap plastic that was easy to break and much better performance with the i5. That would be the longest I ever used a single laptop for, and I thank the switch to aluminum for making it more durable as pretty much every single plastic laptop I’ve had breaks down over time. Finally replaced it with the M1 Air last year and I’m honestly glad Apple is moving away from Intel, cause Apples chips consume less energy yet perform better. The M1 air doesn’t even have a fan inside, yet it performs better than my 2012 Pro while also not getting nearly as hot as well. Switching from a Pro to an Air honestly doesn’t feel like that much of a downgrade with the M1 inside. And that new Mac Studio looks like a powerhouse with that crazy M1 ultra inside.

I agree with you on that.

M1 performs like magic. I did purchase a M1 Macbook Pro, but ended up settling for the Air instead.

On the Pro, the fan never kicks in, which made me think that the thermals on this chip are simply amazing for the kind of performance that it offers. Plus, I just worry less about dust since there is no fan on the Air :slight_smile:

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