It's time to have some fun together!

Hey, guys!

All of us, Eve team and community members work real hard on this project. I think it would be cool if we could have some fun together! What if we all play next Friday? What do you think ? I suggest we use our community nicknames to make it even more fun! We could somehow livestream it if possible!

You all did amazing job there in reddit AMA so you deserve it :smiley:

Should we arrange match together?

  • Yes, I love the idea
  • No, not really

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P.S. If you have any other better game idea that others could easily install let me know !


I’d love it if you guys get Team Fortress 2, but that needs Steam and 8GB storage.
Moreover, you guys would feel sorry for yourselves if you played against me :grinning: :video_game: it is, then.
Or I could search for a Steam game that installs quickly, if needed.

Pffffffff I have 400 hours as sniper in TF2 :smiley:

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Ouch. I only played for 300 hours. I bow down to you Sir. :grinning: :video_game:
I have to study too, can’t just game all my life.
What about this one? Kind of like TF2, but probably runs on your toaster. And takes like 2MB of disk space xD

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To be honest, TF2 can also run on a toaster :grinning: .
This looks a lot like Ace of Spades.
But it’s free so I’ll try it. Is it competitive?

Actually it’s the same game but open source :wink: and, no, TF2 can’t run on a toaster. Too fancy graphics. My tablet doesn’t cut it for example :frowning:
Anyway, the point is that it’s very quick to install and doesn’t require registration to any service, that’s why I suggested it.

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@pauliunas Version 0.75 or 0.76? Does it even matter?
Should we all have the same version to play together?

The servers are empty, only 1 or 2 people are playing. It seems good though

The launcher installs both versions and launches the needed one automatically. The server setup is not very straight forward, so IDK who will host it and which version we will use. But there’s no difference, as you can just install both :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, we’ll probably have our own dedicated server, or just connect to someone’s client (“localhost”/direct connection)

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Game seems good. But people use bots

Well, we don’t have to. As I said, we’re not going on public servers… :smiley:

Man I like that game. It’s like goat simulator but even better. You hear that someone is digging under you, but you don’t know where exactly because surround sound is bugged as hell. Then you fall down and find an underground labyrinth. Looks like some poor guy has been unsuccessfully looking for your base for the last 10 minutes :smiley:

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This game will do. But there’s no upgrades, no extra reason to keep playing.
The community will enjoy it

Nah, I personally hate “upgrades”. I think only skill should be important in a game, so that no rich 'Murican kid can buy his way through to the top :slight_smile: Just look at Counter-Strike, it’s the most popular FPS franchise. Team Fortress 2 is still less popular than CS:GO, even though it’s free.

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Team Fortress 2 has balanced weapons. And you get 1 random weapon an hour. You can combine 2 weapons to form scrap metal, which can be traded online to get ANY two weapons. So you can get any weapon you desire.

Yeah, but as a total newbie, you have some shit beginner guns, don’t you? In CSGO, you have exactly the same as everyone else and you have absolutely even chances with everybody… Anyway, this is just a one-time gaming session, so I don’t think anyone would care enough to do any upgrades so soon ;D so Build and Shoot will do :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest , I actually prefer the basic weapons of most classes. The balance is great.
True, buildandshoot is more than enough

Let me say it like this…

I’m in guys! Come at me bros & sis’s! :wink:

No, I’m looking forward to playing with some of you guys :smiley:

@Konstantinos is “next Friday” Friday, 29th of April for you or Friday, 6th of May?


Sis? I haven’t heard of any women at this forum, unfortunately. :wink:

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you never know… we all have our little dirty secrets…

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