It's 0404hrs. here and it's all your fault

This is unfair. I’ve to go to the lab tomorrow. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m a doctoral student, here in Ljubljana, SLO.
I study magnetism in condensed matter.
I’m no techie, but I try to keep up.
This community is awesome.
…so awesome that the vision, the product, the roadmap, has kept me up all the way since I saw the prototype on Linus Tech Tips’ YT channel just as I was rounding up dinner. Then I signed up to be notified about the launch; then I read threads here wanting to interject.

That’s what’s so awesome, I even have a say. I can be part of the decision making process. Yes, I’d like certain specific features that’ve already been decided against - but that’s a feature not bug, given an educated electorate.

I understand and respect this.
I’m hooked. Thank you. So Much.

{p.s. For keks or otherwise, I’ll screenshot & share my chat with discobot. It was nice.}


Well, from time to time, it may be nothing but rewarding to allow ourselves to entertain a late … < [enter unfortunate commitment here – e.g. lab, class, meeting, etc.]. Especially in case the time taken, was indeed well spent, full of novel opinions and ideas. I believe this might as well be one of the most invaluable aspects of a community driven development like this one, which of course supersedes any piece of hardware and goes beyond one product.

Anyhow … what is late … what is early. All is relative. Perhaps you already know. :dark_sunglasses:


I know the feeling… Though not with classes and labs anymore. But I’ve stayed up late many nights diving into the threads of the community both current and past. Glad for you to join in!


…most certainly!
I decided to err on the side of late.
Still up.

Was on the thread where @Helios asked members to motivate their choice of the V. It is closed now. Had I joined the party early, I’d certainly say, because I’m part of the design team of the device I own. So, I’m looking at the ‘community-driven’ from the tail-end. : ) …of course, the no-nonsense design and specs only add. What pleasure it is, to be freed from the overcompensating bluster of ‘gaming’ laptops, the extortions of the sleek iPads and Surface Pros, and the ball-&-chains of a desktop build.

I’m excited. : )
Thank you; all of you.
It’s raining outside. Think I’ll catch an hour of shut-eye.


Welcome to the joy (aka Eve Community & V)! Glad to have you around.
And don’t mind to let us know if we can help :slight_smile:


Will do. Thank you…! : )