It is Real and more than worth it so far

I just got my monitor and I am in love. I did the HDR calibration on my Xbox Series X and just that alone was OMG. The colors and sharpness is amazing. Playing on 120 is a whole other level. I was overcompensating in COD because I was moving so much quicker. Spots where I normally tell there is some input lag there was none. I had one of my best games of Overwatch right off the bat. So worth the $600 bucks and the long wait. I might have to order a 2nd and just wait it out.


I can’t seem to calibrate mine for HDR on Series X… when I try to use the HDR Calibration app, it just says it’s not set up to support HDR for gaming, even thought it says it’s ready for HDR 10 in the details section…

Did you have to do anything to make it work?

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Yes indeed, mine Xbox says the same. I updated the firmware today of the Spectrum from the Eve website, unfortunately that did not help.

What was your solution to make it work?

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It seems the Xbox might require you to enable YCC 4:2:2 before it will allow you to use HDR. Please try enabling that to see if it works.


Did the trick, and it works.
Thank you.


Ok, will check if that fixes it short term, however Spectrum should support RGB for 4K 120hz with no chroma subsampling. It does on my PS5, and the Series X actually has a full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 port as opposed to PS5’s lower bandwidth.

Is this on the team’s list to investigate and fix in the firmware?

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@Javild , do you also know why i cannot use a lot of the options of the Spectrum with my Xbox series X and PS5?
I mean a lot of the options in the OSD menu are gray and i can not use them. For example, at the Performance tab, i can only choose Adaptive Sync and Response Time Overdrive.

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Yeah, we’ll have to look into it for more details, but it might just be a bug and not actually be using the subsampling, as that setting only allows the Xbox to use it, though it doesn’t necessarily need to be in use all the time.

Absolutely, please report any issues you have with your device by submitting a support request on our website. This will allow us to track these issues and find a solution to them.

I’ll have to check it and get back to you as I haven’t personally used those devices together, but if an option is grayed out it likely means you have enabled an option that cannot be used in combination with those settings.


Is there a possibility to use something like an Open Trello Bug tracker?

So if the majority gets the monitor, the support agents won’t be bothered with the same bugs over and over again ? (And we have an understanding if we are currently facing a new or old bug? )

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We’ll look into the possibility of using a tool like that, but at this time, or customer support team have an array of information to help troubleshoot issues, and if the issues are still not solved, they have a system in place to track issues as well as any steps taken for troubleshooting. This allows them to categorize the issues and get them addressed, for example, firmware issues are passed on to the firmware team to fix them in future updates.


The PS5 is not capable of 4:4:4 RGB at 4k 120hz. RGB at 4k is only possible at 60hz or below on the PS5. Here are 2 examples:

4k 60hz RGB

4k 120hz YUV422

If you also look at the available frequencies. You can see it shows that it does not support RGB at 120hz only YUV422.


At the moment the PS5 is limited to 32 Gbps instead of the full 48 Gbps. That is why you are limited to 4:2:2. Sony has said they will release a firmware update to let it use the full 48 Gbps, but who knows when that will happen.


You’re right, though it can do 4K60 at 4:4:4 as you stated.

Currently on the Series X, the Spectrum is initially showing up as not 4K60 compatible at all (without setting to 1080p first) and even still, requires enabling 4:2:2 to use the system’s built in HDR calibration.

The point of the post being that Spectrum is currently not playing nice with the Series X :slight_smile:

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Are you using an HDMI 2.1 cable to accept the full 48 gbps?

Once mine arrives, I’ll let you know if I have the same thing happening.

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Good to see this thread, I encountered the same thing with not being able to use the HDR calibration tool claiming it doesn’t support HDR.
I do find YCC 422 being enabled fixes it, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be required either.

Hey @LAA,
I can confirm we have a firmware update about to enter the final stages of testing that addresses this issue. We will ofcourse be releasing this update very soon.


Ah great to hear! Looking forward to it!

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Awesome found the information I was looking for.

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How’s the backlight strobing mode? Does it look terrible?

I thought this monitor was supposed to be able to do 4K 120hz HDR at 4:4:4 with PC and the new consoles. Am I wrong?