It finally arrived

So short history:
Pre-ordered May 2020
Paid full with Express shipping end of August 21
Arrived yesterday first of October via DHL Express in Germany.

The packaging was really nice, though it was a bit damaged because the power cord was in the sourrounding box and due to transportation damaged that one and also the inner box a bit - but nothing serious:

I tested the device and could not find any dead pixel - perfect!

The colors out of the box did not look too good (quite ok though) but after calibration with my Spyder 5 Pro all was good.
Compared with my Eizo FlexScan EV2450-BK it has up to 10% more color space available which is quite good.
The test results are

Spyder5Pro 5.5 2021-10-01 17.08.31
Spyder5Pro 5.5 2021-10-01 17.08.52
Spyder5Pro 5.5 2021-10-01 17.08.42
Spyder5Pro 5.5 2021-10-01 17.09.02

Currently, I can not activate G-Sync in the Nvidia settings - that might be either due to the HDMI cable or due to the firmware 102 currently installed.
Today I will get new HDMI cables and also the USB C cable for the firmware update - let’s see how the G-Sync status is after that.

If turning HDR on in Windows settings, there is a noise coming from the monitor, but latest firmware should solve that as far as I read.

The OSD has a little flaw: if adjusting the color settings for the LED or other places where you can adjust numbers, if you hold the joystick in any direction, it should de-/increase the number faster after a short time. Like now it takes forever to get down or up.

Since my other monitor is “just” Full HD - Windows is sometime acting a bit odd, especially if moving stuff between the monitors and also after wakeup. But I guess, it is what it is.

For now, I’m quite happy with the monitor!


Do you have a current gen GPU? Only the 30 series supports gsync over HDMI (VRR). If you have an older card you’ll have to use DP to get gsync support.


ahh, ok thanks a lot for that information. then that is the culprit :sweat_smile:

this was solved with FW update to 104

Hey mate, we had a chat in private aswell and nice to see you got your hands on your monitor you ordered 2 months ago, oh wait, that was last year wasnt it… (typical rolling eve joke…)

„The colors out of the box did not look too good“

I would like to see a reply by one of the Eve employees because i know that 99% of the monitors with a „every monitor is color graded blabla“ branding is actually not graded. They typically grade 1 monitor and use the settings for all other monitors… And tbh, 99% of the industry does that and iam „fine“ with that but i cant bear the lies like „every monitor is graded by one of our professional employees“ (btw, iam not saying the Eve is lying or anything, iam talking about how this normally works in the industry and iam waiting for a reply by you guys).

The monitor had of course the calibration sheet with it, showing a Delta E of average 1.06 and maximum 4. Red and Blue have a high peak, which also reflected in the calibration before and after images.
So in my opinion: the monitor still needs a calibration, if you want or need a real good color accuracy. it’s not recommended for photography or print design out of the box imho

Just tested Destiny 2 and omg - with HDR on it has a really BAD red tint
I mean… this is really awefull o_O

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is there a way you can share your calibration for us? Or does it not work that way?

Nope. It doesnt work that way as you can see in my previous comment. Every Panel is different and typically when these companies talk about „every monitor is calibrated“, what they actually do is they calibrate 1 monitor and copy&paste the settings onto all other monitors which cant produce perfect/good results because every panel is different…

@undersound As i explained in a different thread, noone should be using HDR in 99% of all PC Monitors which have a HDR badge. There are literally a handful of Monitors which actually can produce a real HDR picture, with the remaining 99% you will sacrifice image quality. I would recommend you to not use it.

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The calibration is depending on your system, the GPU, the monitor and even the Firmware of the monitor and also your sourrounding light.
So it wouldn’t help you if I’d share the profile.

well, HDR was one of the features I wanted to have :smiley: In Win it looks good, but in Destiny 2 it really looks awefull.
Going to test a few other games too…
Not sure if the calibration profile messes up here, if it’s even used in game… or if I have to enable HDR in Win and the game…? :thinking:

We actually manually colour calibrate every unit, because there are variations from monitor to monitor. I would recommend not using a shared colour calibration profile as this can make make the overall colour calibration worse. That’s why we calibrate everyone and each calibration report values are unique to each monitors. This is actually one of the most costly parts of the entire process.

Feel free to share the reports here, and compare the values.


This is a strange experience. I will pass this onto the team to see if they have any ideas what could be causing the red tint. If I could also recommend contacting the support team, they may be able to offer some addition troubleshooting for this.


I have to believe what you say but then i assume that you are not able to take too much time when calibrating the monitor therefore not using the full potential of the monitor… Iam not criticizing here, if you are really individually calibrating each monitor then this in itself is a very big thumbs up

I can 100% categorically say that all monitors are individually colour calibrated after they have been manufactured and before the boxing process.


any outcome on this one?

*cricket noises :sweat_smile:
hope this also get’s addressed ><

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@ReignDespair :slight_smile:

Don’t expect a response mate. Support is among the worst experience I have had. I’ve already purchased a replacement display.

Hi @undersound,

Were the support team able to provide you with a troubleshoot for this issue?

If not, please DM me your support ticket reference number and I’ll look into this for you.

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