Issues with being able to update firmware

Hi all, I’ve been trying to update the firmware since 102 and I’ve never been able to get the MStar tool to pick up the device, even though my laptop runs windows 10, is connected to the monitor by hdmi 2.1 and is using the usb c connection, I dont know if maybe I’m doing something wrong or I’ve missed a step, but does anyone know a work around I should try or have some advice or something? Should I just wait until the firmware develops more, because I’ve heard of a flickering problem with 104. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

You need a data usb cable. The cable then needs to be plug into one of the ports located bottom left corner of the screen. In the installer tool click refresh and the device will be found to start the firmware upgrade. I have firmware 104. I have no issues. You can try it. If it’s not working out for you. You can rollback to the previous firmware.

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Hi @aeypr,

Can you please confirm you were able to upgrade with Carl’s advice?


I’m having the same problem and has not worked for me what should I do.

Hi @Stickycontrolla,

Are you able to advise what cable you are using to complete the firmware update?

Currently, we have 2 ways of performing a firmware update, via USB-B (Port 6) and USB-C (Port 5). As shown below.


Please follow these instructions, you will be able to update your firmware.

If you require further assistance, please let me know.

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