Is there a PAUSE/BREAK key?

I’ve being trying to figure out if there is a key combination that will function as a Pause/Break key. anyone know?

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I might be completely wrong and stupid, but in some applications the space bar can be used to pause/unpause videos or music playing. Don’t know if that’s what your looking for though…
On my mechanical keyboard (don’t have my V yet sadly) I can also use Fn + F7 but that might not be the same on different keyboards. :wink:

I don’t thinking pausing the video is the ideal use of the PAUSE/BREAK button.

Very specific uses tho, rarely used. AFAIK it’s used to stop code execution in some (all?) ides, so that your computer doesn’t explode.

Although given the demographics of the community that helped develop the V, you’d think it was a function that would have been purposely included.

Actually wait no - the F keys default to media buttons. Based on that, I assume at least a simple majority of people who voted on the keyboard wouldn’t have use for the pause/break key anyway.

If it’s secretly on the keyboard in some form of key combo, that’d be great, but I don’t think it is.


Yea, I was hoping it would be too, especially given how many times it was requested during the keyboard discussions :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course I could just look it up in the manual…oh wait! what manual? :laughing:

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Feel free to add this to the #development:v-software-improvements Category.
There are some posts about keyboard improvement, this would fit perfectly and should be rather easy to implement. (Sadly only for the manufacturer… OpenSource Firmware would be great though)