Is there a 4K 120Hz KVM?

I would like to ask the Eve community if anyone is aware of a KVM that will work with the specturm model 3, I can’t find a single KVM that will support 4k at 120hz. Even worse I have preordered two model 3’s and would like to switch between my desktop and laptop (when docked). If anyone has leads on a KVM that will work with 2 spectrum model 3’s please let me know.

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I would like to ask the Eve community if anyone is aware of a KVM that will work with the specturm model 3

You could connect the two machines to the monitor using different cable types then change input source on the monitor. And just get a cheap KVM for the mouse and keyboard.

Not as convenient but it works and shouldn’t be too much of a pain unless you flick between machines a lot.


If you connect the notebook via USB-C then as far as I know you should be able to use the Spectrum as KVM.

You will still need to switch the input source manually, but if the desktop or notebook is off the Spectrum should (as most other monitors) switch to the input source that provides a picture.


Yeah, this is why one of the proposed features of the Spectrum’s OSD is a quick input switch shortcut.


Doing so would limit one of the devices to one monitor only wouldn’t it?

Not necessarily but you would have to switch inputs on both monitors (assuming you have both monitors connected to both machines).

I think Level1techs has a DP 1.4 KVM switch

Unfortunately The only KVM that I saw at Level1techs was a DP 1.2 KVM with a a max of 4K @ 60hz.More than likely I am going to need HDMI since majority of laptops have HDMI as opposed to DP though I’d rather use DP if possible.

The newer model is DisplayPort 1.4, and should be shipping soon.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any decent KVMs that natively handle HDMI, let alone 4K@120. Club3D do an active HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, but I don’t know if Wendell’s tested anything along those lines with it.

Edit: Can confirm that the USB powered active adapters work in the input, and someone had luck with the older Club3D adapter with the 1.2 model as an input from a Mac Pro.

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Currently, the only one DP 1.4 KVM switch line is ConnectPRO DP 1.4 KVM switch.
There are 4 models released and already shipped in its second-generation versions since this May (2020). All of them can support 4K 120/8/4:2:2