Is the eve V what we thought it would be?

This is not a negative post more a post to feel a buzz again if possible…

It feels like a lot of the stuff we were so pumped about isn’t really there?

The battery life isn’t so much better (if any?) than other comparables even though we have a larger unit for bigger battery and a slower CPU for efficiency?

The sound isn’t seemingly great and the pen experience is variable, we do have a nice screen though?

Just pondering if that’s all in my head from reading too much or if others feel the same or if you don’t feel the same can you boost our morale for those who habent received it yet? :slight_smile:

I was hoping for a refined piece of kit that would at least excel in one of the areas promised but it’s feeling a bit lacklustre



It’s a piece of hardware, just like any other hardware, that takes a little bit of pride in how it came to be and uses mostly pieces that were picked up for specific reasons, alongside being simply good enough. Honestly, I simply doubt that hyping up is a good idea when you are to spend a serious money on something.

Realistically - V is pretty great at what it is. Yes, there are things that could be better. But that’s the price to pay for being small and fresh.

In the end, I feel it’s all matter of perspective. In the end, it’s “just” a hardware with some emotional value attached to it. I think it’s an interesting mix. Not necessarily second coming of Jesus Christ : )


You know me from my issue reports :slight_smile: I believe (really) that when team will give us “DAY ONE PATCH” V will be machine that we have dreamed off!

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I can just judge from the reviews I read and compared, need to see the V in person.

It has best screen and decent power - like the Surface Pro 2017 (i5); their i7 version ofc is better.
The ports great and, for me very important, it seems to run better under Linux than SP or SB.
Batterylife is really disappointing, Eve has to improve here, sound will get a software patch I bet.

So all in all: It’s okay, but needs extended testing within the 14-day return policy. Else it goes back to Luton.


That’s partially my worry, do we know why the i7 battery life on the SB is better than eve?

I’d hate to return it to find things are fixed later, but also hate not to return it if it doesn’t live up to expectations

I was hyped about the battery life and the slower CPU seemed like a fair trade off but if it’s not much better than the SB etc then the big sell on battery life seems like it was a bit pointless :frowning:

Like you’ve said I feel they have to do better

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I would guess quicker RaceToSleep and better power optimizations. After all, MS is a giant - even when seemingly dysfunctional, it still does have thousands of engineers and developers that are literally living because of the money they make working on optimizations. EVE will probably never jump through some of the hoops, but I’m sure they will try their best.

For what is worth, I too don’t necessarily agree with the race to low power on V, but I understand the reasoning and I think it’s sound. To be honest, I was never too worried about the performance or battery life. The prototype left me positive it’s good enough : )


It excels in being a lot cheaper than devices of similar quality.

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How to say this . . . . . . ?
The uniqueness of the gestation and birth of the V makes it a great 2in1.
A perfect 2in1 for everyone simply does not exist, the perfect 2in1 definition is always personally colored.

The brilliant “made by us” idea gave us (reality check) :slightly_smiling_face: a good peace of hardware, with its strong and less strong features, like any other computer,
The V needs also a couple of updates in order to unlock its full potential. Is that different to what the big name brands do?

Technically, the V has its strong and less strong features, like any other computer.

We went for the V a good year ago, it did not change as far I know.
Being a year ‘late’ does not help either. . . . . ., but it is still the computer I wanted a year ago, it is still the computer I want today.
And, after all, it is still able to do all what I planned a year ago to throw at it.



Battery life: 7 hours 21 minutes. What the hell?

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That’s the review that has made me think this, I think even a few people said he gave balanced reviews and he’s not blown away by the battery life :frowning:

Just for clarity I’m in no way saying that the eve isn’t competent it’s just it was supposed to be made by the community to be better and other than ports it seems equal or worse considering its selling claims

10 hours battery life in real world usage I remember reading :frowning:


Yes, I do read on this which attract my strong interest on V … Real world usage 10hrs battery life

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I’m not sure what all the reviews e been coming it at (battery-wise) but yea, the numbers I recall were below 10 hours. But many of ones I read were NOT what I would call average use. Running benchmarks, or even surfing the web for 10 hours straight is not “average use” or “real life”.

Real life you get up to go to the bathroom, or sit in a meeting for half an hour listening to someone drone on. Or spend half an hour reading a single article (not constantly loading and refreshing)

So while it may not be as great as we hoped, I do think it’s pretty darned good. As someone who has been using theirs for work today, I’m pretty satisfied. Yeah, I took a break to do some laundry, wk the dogs and I’m about to go make a coffee, but I’ve still got 43% or 3h20 min left on a device that started the day at 90%

(btw, I’ve been in photoshop, illustrator, thunderbird and firefox all day)

edit, and by all day, I mean I didn’t get out of bed until 10am. :wink:


i would actually be on my pc for 10 hrs at a time. even running to the bathroom, i’d still be listening to music or on wifi or doing something on my pc, which would “consume” battery. unless you are saying eve defined real world usage differently… i wouldn’t doubt that considering their language mishaps from the past few months

You, sir, have far more stamina than I do. :slight_smile:

That said, for your health and well being, it’s important to take breaks and get up and walk around from time to time.

/end PSA

edit: and no, I’m not saying that eve redefined “real world usage” for their benefit. I agreed it’s not 10 hours, but also said I was satisfied. YMMV


Keep in mind that (some) reviewers have no idea how to test a battery life of the device, especially a Windows device. But this is also applicable for Android and Apple devices. Normally, a device should have at least 24 hours of uptime after OOBE setup, with login and all configuration done, for the system to settle down after the initial setup, 48 hours to be safe.

In addition to that, Windows Energy report should also be ran before the battery test to make sure that there is no power-hungry program running in the background, intentional or not.

It was evident in the Surface Pro 3 reviews where reviewers were complaining that the device gets very hot and the fans were whirring when they were just browsing the web. Its not a normal behavior, the fan shouldn’t even be spinning. Instead of spending some effort finding the root cause, they just blame it on the device.


Kind of useless comment. You really think that people do it just based on “one time battery life”. The device is usually in use for atleast a week or two, depending on the device type etc etc. It is not just “one off” battery life after one day usage.

So the reviewers who showed you the unboxing and then told you the battery life was not good on the same day are all Dr. Who :sunglasses:

No those are not professionals or have just done the video for clicks. Not like LTT, Austin etc who actually use it.

Even we use a device for at least two weeks before we even think about writing a review

The downside to running your own business :persevere::persevere:

At least I can work from my bed. I have a set to stand desk at home too, bought it over the summer when I realized I was clocking double digits hours in front of my computer / phone regularly

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So is the conclusion that Linus Tech Tips (if that’s who/what you meant) is doing it properly and under 7.5 hours is what we should expect? That’s quite far off from “Watch all 9 hours and 56 minutes of Game of Thrones season 6 on a single charge”.