Is swapping from 240hertz matte to 4k GLOSSY possible?

Hi my name is Steven, i’ve already completed a balance payment of my 1440p 240hertz monitor. I saw that you are now offering glossy versions of all models and wanted to switch mine for it. Orders for it go up tmmr so some help would go a long way. I ordered early last year and would like to be able to maintain my early adopter discount. Thank you in advanced, seriously!

Hi @Fection,

For this, I would recommend contacting support and they can adjust your order for you!

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I did but unfortunately haven’t heard back yet, I saw the Ukraine message so hoping for the best for employees. A bit arrogant but I really wanna get this order in :slight_smile:

Hi @Fection,

Thank you for your understanding.

You are correct. The situation right now in Ukraine affects our support team as well.

If you would like to DM me your ticket number, I will try to forward your request in.

thanks for the awesome information.