Is it still possible to restore colour proful after new installation?

Hi everybody,

I noticed that there were topics on instructions, and tools to restore the colour profile after a fresh installation of Windows. But they are pretty old and do not appear to work for me anymore.
Is there a known guide that works today? E.g. does one need a particular version of calman client?

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Hey, @Catbot! Here are some information I have; I hope it helps!

How to keep the screen calibration profile when I reset/reinstall the OS?

Official method [step 6 chance of not working]

Please note: Follow the procedure carefully at your own risk.

  1. Before the reset/reinstallation, find the calibration profile under C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data\MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf

  2. Save MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf file to an external storage media.

  3. After the reset/reinstallation, download and install CalMAN Client 3; if the OS keeps the factory version, use the factory version instead.

  4. Copy the saved MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf file to C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data to overwrite the existing file.

  5. Restart the device.

  6. [chance of not working] Choose the monitor profile (usually named standard) in CalMAN Client 3.


Please note: We are not responsible for any consequences caused by the following community-created procedures.

Auto method by @Scottm8

A tool that streamlines the whole process of backing up and restoring; moreover, it features the ability to fix a MonitorsDB file. Furthermore, there are no executables (.exe) – safe to use.

Extremely comfortable to use (3 buttons):

  • BACKUP: Backup to ZIP.

  • RESTORE: Restore the file from ZIP to the correct directory. [If the directory exists, it does not allow the user to overwrite.]

  • FIX DB: Once the restore has been completed, click Fix DB so that the setup is achieved without the hassle of any manual adjustments.

Semi-auto method by @Ingenjoor

Please download, unpack, run & follow instructions. It is recommended to copy MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf to ProgramData first, then run the “Backupper”. This method does not work if multiple monitors are managed with CalMAN Client.

Manual method by @Ingenjoor

Prerequisites: Complete step 1, 2 & 3 of the official method.

CalMAN Client stores calibration data in SQL CE 4.0 database w/ no password protection, which is perfect for the user.

  1. Install LINQPad 5.

  2. Install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 SP1.

  3. Find out the new monitor pnpID.

  • Windows+R >>> devmgmt.msc

  • Monitors >>> Generic PnP Monitor >>> Properties >>> Details

  • From Property dropdown menu select “Device instance path”.

  • PnpID is the part after “DISPLAY\SHP1494”, e.g. ‘4&1493a664&0&UID265988’.

  1. Thoroughly close the CalMAN Client. [Task Manager >>> Processes]

  2. Copy MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf back to C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data and overwrite the existing file.

  3. Connect to the database.

  • Open LINQPad 5.

  • Go to Add Connection >>> Select Build Data Context Automatically, Default (LINQ to SQL) >>> Next.

  • Select Provider SQL CE 4.0, and attach database file C:\ProgramData\SpectraCal\CalMAN Client 3\Data\MonitorsDB.2.3.sdf

  • In query part of LINQPad set Language as SQL and connection as MonitorsDB.

  1. Edit the MonitorsDB.
  • Check listed profiles to determine which monitorID is calibrated.

  • In query input select “From ICCs” and press the execute (the green play button). [Result window open and list profiles]

  • Find the first ICC_DataID with a date later than 11/28/2017. [likely 6]

  • Note the ICC_DataID and run the query, select “From Profiles”.

  • From the result find ICC_DataID you noted and note the CreatedMonitorID from the same row. [likely 3]

  • Run query, select “From Monitors”. [Here is the old pnpID on the row with the same monitorID as the CreatedMonitorID from the last step, we are going to change the pnpID to the new one we found earlier.]

  • Run query, “UPDATE Monitors SET pnpid=‘NEW_PNP_ID_HERE’ WHERE MonitorID=CREATED_MONITOR_ID_HERE”. [No confirmation]

  1. Validation check.
  • Run query, select “from Monitors”, it is expected to contain the new pnpID on monitorID that you entered.

  • Check if there are other rows with the same id. [If yes, delete them via “Delete from Monitors where MonitorID=1”.]

That is all. Now you can open CalMAN Client and change between profiles.

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