Is it safe to use a usb type c rather than a usb type b for the hub?

I read the manual and it seems there are two ways to handle connectivity of the USB hub:

  1. HDMI for video out, and USB type B for the hub
  2. USB type C for everything

I don’t have a USB type B and would prefer not to buy one since it is not common in my country, so I was wondering if I could just use a USB type C for my PC instead (while using HDMI for video out). I haven’t tried it because I was worried it might cause some permanent problems, especially because the way the options were worded was XOR (one or the other but not both).


Hey @litanong,
Yeah this is completely fine to use Type-C for the Hub source while using a different video input (e.g. HDMI/DisplayPort). Just enable Type-C as the source the source for the hub through the OSD.


Thank you so much! This is a great relief to me :smiley: