Is HDR bugged?DisplayPort

Hello i have firmware 105 and i noticed when my hdr is on, the color space seems to be sRGB instead of DCI-P3 and i can’t change it in the osd.My monitor is connected via dp 1.4.Is it a bug or is it normal?

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Hi, @Vayiro

Can you try disabling Adaptive Sync and then re-enabling it to see if that fixes the HDR (OSD: Performance tab → Adaptive Sync), after which you can see if disabling and then re-enabling HDR in your device’s OS provides a fix?

i tried but it’s still not working.

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Can you give us a few more details about your system?

Device type, GPU, OS, etc.
Also, when you say it seems to be sRGB, are you saying that the colors just don’t look like they are HDR, not vibrant, but dull, or are you looking at specific settings (monitor OSD, Windows Settings, etc.) and seeing SDR listed even with HDR enabled? If this across the board, in games only, in your OS desktop only, etc.?

Maybe it’s normal, with hdr colors are less saturated so some pictures with hdr can look like sRGB,i just compared a picture with hdr enabled to hdr disabled+SRGB and it’s was nearly the same colors.
here my computer: Product Specifications Reference(PSREF)
i have windows 10

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I have an admittedly older video card, but I did have this issue in HDR as well. At one point, adjusting the digital vibrance in the nVidia cpl worked, but after flashing v105, I had to revert that setting to the default value of 50 because they were now too blown out. So, v105 should have fixed that - but I have to go back and find what the actual fix was.

As soon as I find it I’ll report back

Thanks you for you help

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