Is Eve community 100% geeks?

Hi Guys!

Recently I was reading some of the topics in introduce yourself section and I started to suspect that most of us here are somehow related to tech . Either we work in Tech/IT industry or it is a very serious hobby.

As you know, I love polls and got inspired to run one :blush:

So here it comes:

Are you a cool dude related to Tech professionally?

  • Yes, I am a very cool engineer
  • Yeah, I am a software/web developer :sunglasses:
  • Game developer :v:
  • I am not working in tech field I am doing other cool things but Tech is my huge hobby!
  • Konsta, I came here to develop a device I would buy not to disclose my private info!
  • Other ( Please tell what it is! )

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Make sure to brag /complain /joke about your job/hobby :smiley:

P.S. Watching record amount of YouTube videos while at work also counts as an achievement :smiley:


Graduated in 2014 with a computer science degree. Been working in an IT software developer/systems support role since last May. (it takes a while to find a job after graduation!) My passion is more along the lines of Computer Engineering (hardware), but it’s nearly impossible to find a job related to that here in the States. Most of those jobs are overseas.


Really interested to know if we have any game developers here.

Seems pretty odd that the number is a fat ZERO (0) at the moment… :slight_smile:

I present to you @vithren, one among the brilliant minds behind the Witcher franchise.
I want to make a game someday, too.

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…actually, I’m nowhere near Director position, because I’m just a humble cinematic designer. : )


@vithren you are THE Cinematic Designer here at :wink:

Still, the count on the poll is zero.

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Ah, sorry for the error :neutral_face:
Still, working at CDPR is itself amazing.


+1 for Zoo keeper here :joy:


I was sure I’ve actually voted when it was first posted. Ah well. I’ve voted now.

Not a problem, obviously. I like my job : )

For various and good reasons, yes.