Is a wacom pen compatible with the eve V?

I read online that the eve V has better specs under all aspects, when compared to the surface pro, except for the pen.
I’m quite worried because this is quite important to me. Where’s the compromise?
Also, as long as I can use a wacom pen, I’m willing to buy a great pen to go along with the device! Would love that.

A standard wacom pen will not work as it uses a different tech, but when Wacom releases their dual protocol pen, that will work with the V. Also, we are testing if the new microsoft pen will be 100% compatible. Tilt SHOULD work, not sure about the pressure sensitivity…


Current WACOM pens are not compatible with the V. The Surface Pro 4 pen on the other hand is fully compatible with the Eve V.

There are currently checks if the new pen introduced along the new Surface Pro is also compatible. The statement is that most likely at least the tilt can be achieved via firmware update (and that even with the pen shipped along with the V). The pressure levels might be a different topic, but I assume further tests can only be conducted once the pens from MS actually ship.

Hope this helps. And I assume that @Team will provide further input as soon as it is available.

Edit: I see that @mlivesey beat me to this one :wink:


The new Wacom Ink will be compatible (as is compatible with MS Surface Pro/Book line):

Only “issue” will be - it does not support tilt (new MS Surface Pen is better).

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Compared to the new Surface Pro? 55ms latency instead of 21ms and 1024 pressure points instead of 4096. Which isn’t really a big deal.

To compare latency with more devices, the SP3 has 100ms latency and most wacom devices have around 70ms and 130ms

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I think tilt is the real deal breaker and the latency is a minor one. But one could probably get the SP5 pen and use the tilt. I’m pretty sure that it’ll work.

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Yeah tilt is compatible with the new pen, that’s why I didnt talking about it. Howecer, the real reason is because out of all the pen tech available, the apple pencil is the only pen to use the tilt function correctly because the the nib was designed properly for this. The surface nibs are too fragile and I doubt they will be as good.