iPhone X: What do you think? What would you change?

So the iPhone X is the hot new thing right now. Regardless if you like iPhone, or if you hate iPhone, it is a phenomenon for sure. Note that I am not some sort of crazy Apple fan, who hangs out on iMore or the official forums. Let me know if I missed something, whether its the reason why they are doing this or that, or if I made a mistake in describing it.

First of all, I am quite surprised that they are going with swipe-to-home gesture. Many operating systems with this feature flopped, like webOS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows 8. Personally, I love it, I loved on my BlackBerry Z10, on my Windows 8 tablets and I wished more devices would have that. I hope this will “kick” other companies “in the butt” to ditch the on-screen home button, which does nothing apart from robbing your screen real estate.

Next would be the dual-battery and dual-mainboard layout. Why do you think they opted for this? I honestly have no idea apart from maybe they would get a bit more flexibility in term of where they can place the components, but it is certainly worth taking a look.

Finally, it would be the ever-so-polarizing display. It is regarded by DisplayMate as the best display ever put in a smartphone, in term of color accuracy iPhone X OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out. I dont see any reason why you would need such display on a cellphone, but it is an achievement nonetheless. The idea to make the phone all-screen is also fantastic, to minimize the physical dimensions, as this (almost) gives you iPhone 8 Plus display on an (almost) iPhone 8 chassis. But the notch, oh the freaking notch. And they are not even putting any effort to hide it, leaving it as an unnecessary distraction, and battery drain.

So what I would change is that I would make the clock and status bar to stay permanently there with black background, so its distinguishable from the notch. It will give the impression that the display is smaller, of course, but at the same time, it allows the clock and status bar to be permanently visible, so when playing games or watching videos, you can check the time without really doing anything. Its not like you can get any meaningful content in the “ears” there, anyway.

Apart from that, I think its a fantastic product overall, too bad they didn’t take advantage of the “ears” for something that (IMO) would be a lot more useful.


I played with one for few hours last weekend and I think it is a great product from Apple in a long time (and I consider myself in the Android side of the fence). I used Apple iPhones from the first 2G version all the way up to 5 as my main phone. After that I jumped to android and been there since that time.

But yeah, after one hour of use the notch was already a non existent for me. I really didn’t even notice it anymore. Maybe its because the flow of the device is so smooth and usually there isn’t really anything on iOS on those locations. The only thing where I still noticed is with browsing the web in landscape but with the current mobile pages it didn’t really disturb anything. And I don’t see it draining your battery as the sensor are only actived when the BiometricKit is called within the app or when unlocking the phone, in other instances it is shutdown.

The biggest grip is the app support is still lacking for the new screen. But alteast the biggest apps are usually already updated or an update is already in review process. I wouldn’t hold my breath about Google apps though as they are abysmal in updating their apps, but there are good substitutes already so that isn’t such a big problem.

The screen is indeed stunning and way better then the S8s screen or even the Note8s. It’s bright if you need it to be, and gets dim enough for bed use/reading in the dark. I personally don’t really like the TrueTone mode, so I switch that off.


I mean most of the times, the “ears” are in white, which uses more power than when it is black, with just the clock and icons in white. I wasn’t talking about the sensors


Yeah its bullshit how YT still doesn’t support Picture in Picture in iOS, despite getting updated every 2 days.

On iOS?

Haven’t noticed. But when talking about the X apps like Google maps, docs etc aren’t updated and don’t see that they will be anytime soon.

OT even on Android YT need a YouTube RED subscription to have PiP working. And Red is available only in few countries

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No not on iOS, already deleted my post, wrong thread.


Why would anyone purchase an all glass phone? Dumbest idea ever.


You mean like most of the recent Samsung and Sony phones as well? Sadly it’s the trend. Even the pixel 2 has a bit of glass at the back


Yeah welcome to tech in 2017, all form no function. I still believe plastic is the right material for a phone. It could be custom tailored to the purpose of each product in various aspects from weight, elasticity, color, all the way to thermal specification. But, hey, better use a technically inferior material because it “feels premium”


Back on topic, iphone X is a great device no doubt, but here are my (very minor) gripes:

  • agree that the screen aspect ratio isn’t well used at the moment by apps, so much so that the usable screen isn’t much bigger than the regular iPhone 8

  • the price is very high. It’s more expensive than the base model V!

  • it runs on iOS and I’m too invested in the Google ecosystem to change now

To be honest, if this came out as an android phone I’d probably buy it straight away!


With the trend towards wireless charging killing aluminium unibodies dead, maybe we will see a resurgence in the plastic unibodies popularised by Nokia. I truly hope so. The glass sandwich is the worst of all possible smartphone designs - fragile, thermally insulating, a fingerprint magnet.


Well… must be great, but the lack of 3.5mm jack is a total no go for me.
This is the same thing since iPhone 7 though…


The last two Xperias didn’t have a glass back tho.
The latest one even has an aluminium unibody.

I agree that glass is a crappy material for this, but what’s wrong with metal? It has good thermal properties and is really durable. A thin layer of metal can be just as sturdy as a 5 times thicker layer of plastic. So the phone body can be thinner whole retaining the durability, or it can be more durable with the same thickness. Depends on how you look at it.

Is it only wireless charging that bothers you? I personally would never use it, most of the energy flies away anyway… And the chsrgers are expensive… So each to his own as they say. There are people who don’t need wireless charging and metal bodies are really awesome.


I personally don’t care about wireless charging either, and metal unibodies are my preferred design.

But apparently every phone will have to have wireless charging now that the iPhone has it.

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I have wireless charging and whilst I use it 90% of the time at my bedside, there are times when you need to charge your phone and use it at the same time and here wireless doesn’t work.

where is does work really well is in my car where you can just dump it into a tray and it charges. apple carplay can also work via bluetooth i saw in a vid so it’ll just connect wirelessly and bingo you’re all set! very cool :sunglasses:


I think that essential was going in the right direction with materials with the titanium border i think a titanium phone would be awesome feels nice and basically indestructible i know it would be expensive but maybe as an addable option i would defiantly pay more for it

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Two major things I can’t stand about the iPhone X:

  1. No home button/fingerprint scanner.
  2. Bezel-less design, with almost zero increase in screen real estate.

Let me explain.
I can’t stand a device without physical buttons, especially something as essential as a home button. Removing the home button is a HUGE mistake, and pretty much kills this device for me. Compounding this issue is that they removed the reliable fingerprint sensor for a less-reliable “face scanner”. I’ve used the retina scanner with my Lumia 950XL for almost two years now, and I find it cumbersome. I would much rather have a fingerprint scanner, because when using my finger to unlock a device, I don’t have to stare directly at the screen to make it unlock. I can leave it charging, wirelessly, on a desk and just press a button to watch it unlock. I can then relock the device without ever needing to pick it up. It’s one of the things I’ve liked about iOS devices, and disliked about the route Android and Windows phones went over the years. A separate, related item is a camera button - I truly don’t understand why no phones offer one anymore - it’s one of the major reasons I stayed with a Lumia when switching phones.

Secondly, the bezel-less design. I REALLY HATE lack of bezels on a touchscreen device, as this creates nowhere to hold a phone (or tablet) when trying to use it. Bezel-less design is downright STUPID on this type of device, PERIOD. I also don’t understand why they made the screen so SMALL on a device in 2017, where they removed useful features just to increase a screen! The Lumia 1520 had a 6-inch screen in 2013, with PHYSICAL buttons, INCLUDING A CAMERA AND HOME BUTTON.

In other words, there is absolutely NOTHING remarkable or groundbreaking about the iPhone X. All of this technology has existed, together, in phones for years. I have only used Lumia’s as comparisons for examples because I am more familiar with that line, but I have seen similar tech in Samsung and other Android phones for at least 4 years now as well.

I’ve kept my complaints to being iPhone X specific, but the lack of a headphone jack irks me as well.

The iPhone X is an overpriced gimmick.


I’ve managed to play with iPhone X today. As many said it is great phone, probably one of the best on the market.

Really awesome camera.
Great size. You can use it with one hand.
Nice display but you still see bezels so it isn’t so futuristics.
Gestures - i like them. You adapt to them very quickly. I only found this swipe from the bottom not comfortable (I feel little pain in my thumb).
The notch - isn’t a problem a all. However you cannot use the whole display (in full screen video you’ve got bezels or notch). Watching video on samsung s8+ is just superior due to full screen mode.
I don’t like glass design on the white one, however the same works for all non black glass devices (samsung s8 white and blue sucks too).
Software - needs optimization. Especialy browsing in horizontal mode (you’ve got white bezels on sides:(.
Weak charger in a pack - that’s suck.
Miss 120hz refresh screen. Looks great on an ipad 10.5 and now Razer Phone has it.

Main issue of this phone is just money. At this moment you can buy 2XSamsung S8 for the same price and you’ve got very similar (in some cases even better) experience.

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I personally appreciate technology that feels good in the hand. While plastic is durable compared to glass in terms of breakability it’ll scratch much quicker which should be taken into account when talking about durability. Glass also allows the use of wireless charging while metal does not.

I am not a fan of the iPhone 10. It looks okay, but I think the essential phone looks nicer.
I don’t like the software either. I have an iPhone 7plus right now and I’m not digging it.
I want to switch to a smaller phone in the future because:

  1. I want to be able to use it one handed
  2. I want to use my phone less and having a smaller screen will help prevent me from using it as a media device.
    It’s speakers are probably loud but no headphone jack or anything super special.
    I don’t like the feel of the iPhone 7plus and I doubt I’d like the shape of the 10 either.
    Really enjoy google and android and don’t want to leave it.