iPhone 8 Launch Delay

Was reading the below assumed delay news, and was interested to know from @Mike @Konstantinos , the reason citied for delay “OLED challenges”…

Ah its this time of the year when there are these “iPhone launch delay”.

This is an every year thing that happens, that some “tech blog” cites sources that iPHone Launch is delayed. Funny thing is that nobody actually knows the date when IT SHOULD have launched for it not be “late”.

The sole reason for these is: clickbait. These kind of articles will bring a lot of traffic to your blog and even more if you can mask the clickbait article to have some kind “your own investigations” :slight_smile:


Didn’t the 7 JUST come out?
It amazes me that people keep upgrading so quickly.


Agree, i am not concerned about the delays, more interested on the reason cited by the blogger (on behalf of Apple) that they have to order in millions huge oled screens and there is an shortage of producer from China to meet the demand by Sep2017, and henge 1 or 2 month delays. Is this the case?

Why is this in the Support - Windows 10 category?

Moved it to the community - tech category :wink:

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That was actually the other thing that was leaked. The iPhone 8 will have Windows 10 :grin:


LOL sounds like april’s fools :joy:

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