iPhone 12 Discussion

Anyone getting a new iPhone? Have had my iPhone 8 for many years now and will be upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro since AT&T will give me $800 for my 8.


do you need that new apple device ?

Daaang. I would definitely jump on that.

If my 6S Plus breaks down this year I’ll happily grab an iPhone 12. But the $799 is a bit more than I want to pay, and I really wanted TouchID to come back like in the new iPads. So those two reasons combined with the fact that my 6S Plus is still running along means I’ll try to wait another year.

I have a 7 right now and I’m really considering getting the 12 Pro, but I think I’ll wait one more year. The main upgrade seems to be 5G capabilities but I don’t even get 5G coverage. I love the flat-edge design though, it looks much better IMO.

I was in the exact same boat as you until my work phone got upgraded from an iPhone 7 to an 11. After using FaceID and the different swipes since there is no home button I was converted. I am honestly annoyed sometimes when I am using my 8 and cannot swipe up to go home or change the app. It also makes my notifications more secure since it will not show the text of the notification till it verifies your face. So it only has the app name in the bubble.

No I do not need a new iPhone, just like I do not need my new Spectrum monitors or a lot of the stuff I buy. For $200 I will upgrade to the latest phone with OLED and 5G that I will keep for another 3-4 years. I never understand why people get so annoyed at other people spending their own money. If you do not like Apple or any other new products then don’t buy them and let other people make their own decisions.

Just be aware that the rumors are saying this will be the last iPhone with a lightning port. The next one will be getting rid of the port all-together and go to all wireless.

This will also be a big upgrade for photography with my iPhone. It is nice and all to get those huge images from my Nikon D7500, but it is so much nicer to have a small, compact phone that can take photos good enough. I can be hiking and see something great and take a photos in a few seconds then keep going.

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In my opinion, I would suggest you to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The one thing I do like about my 8 is the small size of the phone. The 12 Pro is a little bit bigger, but the Max is way too big for me. I know they are adding some extra camera features over the normal Pro this year, but it is not worth the size increase to me.

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I have updated my iPhone 7 to iPhone 12 and 12 is in transit. highly appreciate to receive my new phone! A14 Bionic chip and Ultra Wide camera and 5G are great enough!!even the battery is better than my 7.

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I ordered an iPhone 12 Pro. I currently have an iphone 7 which has been getting annoying “full storage” alerts for years, and has a pretty terrible aftermarket display (I cracked the original) and a dust ridden camera lens. I jokingly told myself if they release a blue version of the iPhone 12, I’d buy it, but the 5G was really the cherry on top since it would at least future proof the phone a bit so I had to pull the trigger

Upgraded to the 12 from the X, really impressed with the design and speed of the phone. I woudln’t go for a phone any bigger in screen size than this.

Hi,I have received my new Iphone 12!!The green one is so wonderful!and the black is amazing and better than 11!Looking forward to your feedback about 12 pro

Well said, @Pollux161. I have an Iphone 6s. I can’t install the latest update because the memory is too limited. I can’t upgrade the memory because…well because Apple wants to sell more $800+ phones. Screw them. I will wait for a phone that is repairable/upgradable and not manufactured by aholes…well the latter may be too much to ask for; maybe Eve will make a phone? Don’t get me started on phone company monthly charges.

i have iPhone 5s i also cant install latest thing. first of all iphone have a pittfall when the new devices comes the old device became useless you will unable to install usefull app like whatsapp, speed test,
i just don’t like this think.

To be fair Apple has historically supported their old hardware much longer then any of the other vendors. The Galaxy S4 came out the same year with Android 4.2.2 and that phone was only supported up to Android 5.0 for most carriers and 4.4 for others. For reference Android 12 is the latest version. Compare that to the 5S that shipped with iOS 7 and got updates through iOS 12.

While it is nice to think that there is a conspiracy that Apple is actively making their old phones slower with each update this does not really hold up. It is the way of the world that the new OS will come out and be optimized for the latest chip in the phones that are more powerful. Mobile CPUs have increased in power rapidly over the last decade unlike desktop CPUs that have tended to be more incremental improvements year-over-year recently. Add to the weaker CPUs the additional problem of the batteries naturally degrading over the years and providing less peak power to the CPU which throttles performance.

Lets compare the chips in the 5S vs the last phone that came out with the same OS support (iOS 12), the iPhone XS. That is the A7 vs A12 Bionic.


  • 2 Cores
  • 1.3 GHz base clock
  • 1.4 GHz turbo
  • 28 nm architecture

A12 Bionic:

  • 6 cores
  • 1.6 GHz base clock
  • 2.5 GHz turbo
  • 7 nm architecture

Now that you can see how much better the A12 Bionic was in specs lets take a look at real benchmarks:

Geekbench 5, 64bit (Single-Core): 278 (A7) vs 1108 (A12 Bionic)
Geekbench 5, 64bit (Multi-Core): 528 (A7) vs 2543 (A12 Bionic)

So the A12 Bionic is nearly 4x better then the A7 at single-core performance and almost 5x better at multi-core. Would you really expect a phone running at 20-25% of the power of a newer phone to run with the same performance? This is the same problem that faced the desktop computer market early on with drastic improvements to performance causing machines you bought becoming obsolete within a year or two. Now you can buy a decent desktop and keep using it for a decade with no problem. Phones will also get to this point where CPU improvements become incremental.

i am not agree with you at all. Because my experince with apple is very bad . i have ipad 1 mini for my kids they used to play game on that ipad but from last 3 year not a single app that will work on this ipad even small game like angry birds pokemon team builder sonic dash temple run 2 they all are not even installing also apps like[facebook instagram also not working