Introduction: wmd0701

I’m a Chinese, living now in Munich Germany. I (or my girlfriend) have some major-oriented devices like Lenovo Yoga C930, Huawei P20 Pro, as well as a very old Lenovo Y470 which I havent booted for years…

Much more interesting, I also own (or had plenty of experience) some minor-oriented device, like Razer Blade 14, Blackberry Key2, and Porsche Design Book One.

Thats all


Nice to have you here! And thanks for telling about devices you own in detail :slight_smile:

How did you like Porche book one? How was your experience?

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Yeah really interested in knowing about Porsche Book One, considering it for buying, but it has become hard to get a good deal on it, as it is not available on newegg now. Would love if you can upload some pics and experience.


What do these mean exactly?


hard to describe… the hinge, bezel, battery life are great. But nowadays its tech specification is more or less out of date… I don’t think it is worthy to buy a notebook with 7th generation Intel processor in 2019

Actually it is now being repaired. :frowning:

major-oriented: some product for 100000000 people
minor-oriented: some product for 1000 people

Leaving aside the specs how is the battery life in tablet mode, and how is the overall design, for a Porsche fan is it a great piece to buy just for brand name, while there is a good deal around. And one thing how is the pen performance.

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truely. Actually Porsche Design Book One does quite well in almost every aspect, including battery life, weight, specs and even price. I know the brand Porsche is somehow synonym to “expensive”, but this is not the case for Book One. Although it costs little bit more than other 2-in-1 devices with similar hardware. It however has its own special design. And now it even only costs 1200 euro. You can have a look into Dell, Acer or Asus. Their products are now the expensive ones. Pen works well too.