[Introduction] MrElectrifyer

Hey Eve community,

Just learned about the idea behind Eve via this Windows Central article, and I was instantly interested in supporting the Pyramid Flipping goal of such organization. To get started, here’s a brief introduction about me:

  • I’m basically a tech savvy Electrical Engineer :relaxed: Designing, building and maintaining every aspect of power systems is my passion, Information Technology (IT) is my hubby.
  • I’m one of the many guys keeping your lights on and servers running :wink:
  • I keep up with news about the progress of technology from multiple companies via sites like Windows Central, iPhonearena, Engadget, etc.
  • I buy technology based on my research and multiple reviews. Couldn’t care less if the general average joe knows about certain tech (i.e. don’t care if it’s popular or not), so long as it’s reasonably priced and offers a practical use to me, I’ll gladly purchase it, money is no problem.
  • I simply will never support any of the following acts, regardless of company:
  1. Privacy invasion
  2. Hypocrisy
  3. Reality distortion/lies/ignorance
  4. Stifling competition with stolen patents
  5. Inferior yet overpriced price tag
  6. Terrible customer service

That’s pretty much my background and principles in the tech world, looking forward to contributing to the development of yet another great bang for buck and customer oriented organization :smile:

Ps. Already loving this your advanced community forum, especially this real-time preview, it’s already way more advanced compared to the forums of long established tech giants :thumbsup:


Welcome to EVE, we are very happy to have you joining us!:slight_smile:

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Mr Electrifyer, you look like my man! :slight_smile:
Great principles and it’s really awesome to have more people that are enthusiastic about the device inside our small community! :slight_smile:

I guess you’ve already found most threads since you’ve already posted quite a bit, so I’ll skip the “look here for this”-blabering and just say:

Welcome to the community, I hope to see you around quite often :wink:


Welcome to the best place in the world, hehe :smiley:
BTW the forum software is called Discourse, it’s becoming popular but still quite new. And AFAIK it’s not so easy to move from phpbb and other older software, so it will take a while until everyone moves here. The downside is that it’s very javadcript-heavy and lags on phones (check out the 500-post threads)