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Hello Guys. I’m new to the forum, and this is also my first post. I’m posting this to fill a void. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to submit this or not. But I’m hoping for a better recommendation from you. On my PC, I have an Nvidia graphics card (1050ti), and the operating system is Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. The problem is that I can’t get the graphics driver to work. I had hoped that Windows 10 would automatically install the drivers, but this did not happen. I have no prior experience in this area. Can you make any recommendations in this regard?

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Hi @Markpoe,

Welcome to the community!

Not a problem! Here we discuss anything tech-related. Assuming that there are no other problems with the computer, I don’t think there should be any issues installing the driver. I would suggest downloading the driver files directly from NVIDIA.

I have done this hundreds of times since I have been using NVIDIA since forever.

On the site, simply put in your device info and it will provide the download link for you. Let us know how it turns out.


Thank you for responding, as well as for the recommendation. Perhaps you are correct. After a fresh install, the majority of driver issues are resolved. However, I’ve already put the procedure to the test. There was no change in the situation. Could you please tell me what alternative options there are for this? It will be quite helpful.

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Hi, @Markpoe

Not exactly sure what you’re trying to say here. Your first post had more detail in that you had a card but could not get a graphics driver working for it. But your last post seemingly says that you got the driver working, and it worked, but then only for some things, and then you make mention of some sort of test and that the problem remains (which, in the original post, was that the graphic driver was not working), so I think there is a disconnect somewhere, mayne the editor lost part of your post during the edit.

So, let’s start fresh, with a fresh set of questions to ascertain what, exactly, is going on.

  1. Can you tell us about the computer - brand and model, if it is a store bought system, or else some basics if you built it (or had it built) for you.
    For a store bought machine, model number will go a long way for us to understand what hardware is installed in the machine, and if you had it built / built it yourself, then knowing a few things like motherboard, GPU (which you’ve already mentioned, but specific here would be helpful), RAM, and OS (which you already covered) go a long way to helping us troubleshoot.
  2. Was the GPU added in by you / for you, or did it come with the system?
  3. What test(s) are you referring to in the last post?
    For this, please be specific. We need to understand what is going on, before we can help. Remember, we’re not there to look at what is going on, and neither are we there to do the various things we would when troubleshooting a system - we can’t look up which exact version of Windows you’re running ,what exact driver you have installed, nor can we verify that your system has only 1 discrete GPU, versus maybe dual GPUs, one discrete (the 10 series one) and another that comes as a part of your CPU. In all this, you have to be both our eyes and our hands.

Look forward to your response.

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Thank you for responding once more. I followed your instructions (downloading Nvidia drivers). Perhaps all of the information you gave is correct. However, I had already sorted out the problem the day before yesterday. After conducting a Google search, I discovered that the main problem is the antivirus program already installed on my computer. The problem has now been resolved after disabling it. Prior to then, I had no idea what the real reason was. The source can be found here.


@Markpoe, congrats on resolving the issue. You should be able to update the graphics driver, in my opinion. Because the driver should be updated after a few months. If you can do it, that’s fantastic. However, if you are unable to do so, use the solutions listed there. Hopefully, you will benefit from it.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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