Introducing Myself

So I have posting on here pretty regularly, but never actually introduced myself. Am from the US and hold degrees in both electrical and computer engineering. I only use my EE in my day job, but still have hobbies in networking and PCs so I can feel like my second degree was not a total waste :smiley:. Before Covid I also did some amateur photography (mostly nature and landscape). Due to this I have two 1440p Dell Ultrasharp monitors for their great color accuracy when doing photo editing. Am looking forward to getting my two 4K 144 Hz Spectrums as they will be my first high refresh monitors.


Glad to have you in our community! You have been contributing a lot around the forums, and I sincerely appreciate it! :revolving_hearts: I wish you a pleasant time here!


Super cool to have another ECE guy in here!


Great to have you here! :smiley:


Hello everyone, my name is Sergio and I am writing to you from Spain, if there is any misspelling, forgive me it is because of the translator, it is because I do not know much EnglishπŸ˜“, first of all, thank the entire community and the EVE company itself for the great work what they do, i booked my spectro 4k monitor and am in awe of what they are accomplishing together.
Greetings to all and continue so you are very good in technology.