Introducing myself, hi everyone!

Hi there! I’m KemoKa! I’ve been curious about the Eve V ever since I saw a video about it during Computex and it really caught my eye.

I’m a member of the Level1Techs community, which split off from Tek Syndicate about a year ago to form its own channel and platform. Coincidentally, this forum and the L1T forum are both built on Discourse, which was a pleasant surprise!

I’ve been interested in 2-in-1 machines since a couple of years ago when I bought an old Motion Computing LE1700. My thought was that I could use the tablet for drawing, since it had a wacom digitizer in the display. I quickly realized that in 2007 tablet PCs were far from ready and moved to a Thinkpad X220T, which improved performance considerably but still suffered from issues. I finally made a jump a few months ago to a Surface Pro 2. I built a case for it out of the bump case I had for the LE1700. That’s a fun story for another time.

Anyway, the Eve V caught my eye, mostly because of its use of Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type C. If this has the ability to be connected to a dock with which I can use a desktop GPU and perhaps some more esoteric things like Fibre Channel HBAs and 10Gb ethernet cards, this could be a tablet that can actually, properly replace my desktop (for things that don’t need many cores), which would be absolutely brilliant.

I’ve seen a few startups hit a brick wall before, but I reckon if this project gets a good kick in the rear, it’ll be great. Would love to get hold of the base model one day. Excited for the Eve V and looking forward to meeting and chatting with y’all!


Welcome to the community!

Yeah, Discourse is a pretty sweet platform

Basically every time a week goes by without an update. :rofl: If anything this project might get to many kicks in the pants.


Hi everyone
I just wanted to say that even though the team’s ethos and MO is open trust and that the community is a key stakeholder, just because there isn’t a daily update doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t continuing to churn at Eve HQ. We will get our V’s and they will be great! We could have already had them but wouldn’t have been happy w a defective panel.


You’ll have a good time here, an interesting and very diverse community!
You’ll find everything between ‘full grown nerds’ to ‘I like that color better people’.
And yes , many very reasonable guys (woman too, a bit hiding :upside_down_face:).
And, sure, very sure, the V will arrive
Welcome :hugs:


Welcome to the Community!

Hey, many of us ‘full grown nerds’ spend entire seconds at checkout deciding between Satin Gray and Muted Silver. Color is a very important box that you are required to click before buying a new product :stuck_out_tongue:

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did we have to click a color box for the V?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, the community spent 3 weeks on a vote to decide that clicking color boxes would take too much time :wink: