Introducing: DOUGH!

Hi everyone, big news!

We are changing our name and identity. EVE to DOUGH.

It might come as a surprise, but it is an exciting step forward for all of us. Beginning with two college students and a tablet called Eve T1, we have grown bigger today with multiple products to our name. Together with all of you enthusiasts worldwide, we have proven that there is another, better way of creating kick-ass products that power our passion. We must reevaluate our values and goals as we are committed to continuing our path.

In a way, creating the ultimate gaming hardware is like making bread. Mixing the same essential ingredients, but the outcome depends on the baker’s skill. Same at DOUGH, we take the community’s feedback, combine it with resources from our suppliers, and voila – the ultimate baguette product that moves the kneadle needle.

Why DOUGH, exactly?

More and more people are using our products. In the effort of cutting off shipping time and making our products widely accessible, we’re entering retail globally this year. This requires us to have a name that can be trademarked. Sadly, we can’t use EVE. :pleading_face: So, we had to look for a new name that protects our brand legally, reflects the way great products are borne from an amazing community, and envisions the future we’re heading to. Luckily, DOUGH ticks all the boxes. :doughnut::partying_face:

Why new identity?

We’ve been evolving over the years, and our current brand visuals no longer reflect the current team and the future we envision. Although we love what EVE was, we’ve grown out of its rebellious personality. We believe it’s time for us to have something more passionate yet mature.

What’s next?

The future where consumer technology is advanced through the power of many. We hope that you will be as excited as we are. A ball of dough can be shaped into anything, and our next chapter to power your passion has just begun.

How about EVE’s current customers?

We owe it to our customers for our success. The company is the same, and we stay committed to all our current responsibilities, such as orders, support, warranty, and shipments. This is simply a brand identity change. No action is required from you to take effect.

Powering your passion,


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Excited for this path we are taking and looking forward to the future :slight_smile:

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I had to make sure it wasn’t April 1 :smile:

It’s quite an image change from eve, which felt sleek and futuristic, to dough which is silly. Hopefully nobody makes any “D’oh” jokes :smile:




Changing names won’t fix shipping delays and reputational damage, unfortunately. Still hoping you figure things out, as the product (Spectrum) is good, but company just can’t hold their face.


I’m happy for the team! I hope we see the V on the website again soon.




Very exciting news! I’d love to see what the future brings with DOUGH!


It looks like the rebranding effort took out the Support section of the main site, including all of the firmware and driver downloads.

Given that it’s down, can you please take the opportunity to create separate pages for:

  • the contact form
  • Spectrum 4K matte firmware downloads
  • Spectrum 4K glossy firmware downloads
  • new V firmware and driver downloads
  • old V firmware and driver downloads

Having everything on one page was a really bad user experience.


Dough Spectrum… Yeah, I dunno how I feel 'bout that.
Good luck!


Lmao… now send me the dough I’m owed, please.


Well, you just lost a potential customer, what a dumb brand name lol


Yeah, I thought it was April the 1st…

Erm, yeah seems like a rather expensive, wasteful use of resources and time, especially now having to re-brand and change products to match.

Personally this screams of … we have such a bad history of failed projects, poor shipping handling, etc etc, that the company feels like it should waste more man hours to shed past failures.

Can’t see the improvements myself (as a brand designer). Happy to proved wrong though.


So do I now have an order for a DOUGH Spectrum? A DOUGH EVE Spectrum? Does this mean the triangle logo will be changing too?


Thank you for the suggestion! I will inform the team of this :slight_smile:


Curious to know if you consulted a branding agency or the community before coming up with the name? It sounds like it came out of a conversation in a pub. Awful choice.


Their renaming effort is about as good as their ability to fulfill orders…


This is my first post… here to say… Uhh, I run an IT and business consulting agency. I think the name is horrible, can’t go renaming stuff like that. I can’t understand the rationale behind the name choice at all. Since you’re a community-driven project - and it’s the reason we’ve been paying attention to you. At least listen to the community. You could also hire us, we’d love to help :slight_smile:


What’s the logo going to be? A soggy pile of “dough”? Could have made up a word or just gone with “UGH”, would have saved some time.


Classic move by Eve-Tech aka Eve Devices aka DOUGH to change their name :sweat_smile:

Although we love what EVE was, we’ve grown out of its rebellious personality

This statement is hilarious considering there are still people awaiting their refunds/products.