Intresting Razer prototype

Hey guys, saw this and thought I’d share it.

I think things similar to this are the future of the mass mobility market.

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Yeah I saw this too and thought it was pretty amazing.

But then I remembered that it wouldn’t run full windows… So then it asks, why do we need am android laptop? Well, Samsung has tried to do that, but still very niche.

Great concept tho!

This is awesome! It’d be much better if it was fairly cheap and would work with any [USB-C] Android phone, but the concept is fantastic.

What I really really really want though, is something like the additional features you get with the phone (where they said it would work as a “second touch screen” that could do more) as an app that connects to Windows. Where I can put my phone next to my computer and select music I’m listening too, volume slider, brightness slider, system monitoring, emoji/symbol keyboard, other buttons for programs I’m using in Windows (quick buttons for Office, Photoshop, etc.) What the Mac touchbar does, just with my Android phone that I already have, on my Windows computer that I already have.


ASUS had this concept some years ago with Android. Never got to the mases I think.
I still don’t like the idea.

yep, they had the Zenpad or something like that to use with their android Zenphone etc.

The Razer dock is actually using software from the team that made the Superbook

Also Motorola had these kind of dock many many years ago even before ASUS motorola razr lapdock - Google Search

how comes you don’t like it?

with the asus padfone, it had two major issues. it’s general quality ( build, performance, aesthetics ect). its implementation, phone docks into tablet which docks into keyboard, this made a rather ugly bump on the back of the tablet and also made the phone screen ‘disapppear’ instead of using it as a secondary screen like razer.

I think the general idea is sound (using phone to power tablet/laptop), implementation is key and I think razers is best so far.

what weve been waiting for is arm processors to get powerful enough. and with snapdragon 835 and newer. arm has surpassed atom and is on equal footing with core m3 proccessors. so it can fiannly be a reliable low end pc replacement.

now it all depends on is software. so weve got two competing schools of thought. Microsoft is trying to dumb down full os, and full apps to get them onto arm whilst apple and google are trying to scale up mobile apps to work on larger screens.

if Microsoft moves fast enough its their game to loose. but if they give apple and google time they’ll loose miserably. the new ios shell/interface on ipad is proof of this


I think this won’t get far, is the pricing already available?

Personally I really liked what Asus did years ago. Was thinking about getting one but after reading user experiences there were too many quality issues in every model. Also the battery life in the phone itself was always too poor.

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its a razer concept, there is no price but if there were one it would no doubt be eye watering.

this was two years ago

The android authority article is against a atom which is far away from a m3.
The chips that apple makes are only going to apple so it isn’t relevant at all for this case, but it shows that arm is catching up to intels mobile chips.