Internet reacts to iPhone 7

Yesterday during the official launch at Cupertino Apple unveiled their latest iPhone 7. It has a lot of improvements comparing to the previous model such as all new jet black finishing option, dual cameras, new display (not OLED :sob:). To see the original event recording go here: Apple Events - Apple

The most dramatic change so far is the removal of the headphone jack. Such a bold move started a tsunami of memes and photoshop battles. In this post we present some of the most memorable ones! Enjoy:

1. $9.00

2 . Apples new Air Pods. Wireless. Effortless. Magical. and…

3 . Android exclusive

4 . The iPhone 7 won’t be the first major handheld technology without a headphone jack…

5 .

6 .

  1. Apple plug

Will lack of headphone jack turn you off from buying iPhone 7

  • Yes, I’ll switch
  • No, I’ll still probably get it
  • Never bought and never will I buy iPhone anyways!

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Lost. Fucking. Immediately… Yes! Exactly what I thought when I saw them.

Love these btw!




I seriously contemplated getting an iPhone 6 Plus before I bought my Lumia 950XL earlier this year. I ultimately decided I enjoyed Windows Mobile software and the hardware design inherited from Nokia.
I was mildly looking forward to this Apple event, as it tends to be where the industry heads next. Instead, Apple was a major disappointment - dropping the headphone jack and making the home button with “tactile feedback” instead of a physical moving part means they dropped the last things that made me want an iPhone.

In short, I have never owned an iPhone because Nokia design was generally better, and i now will never own an iPhone because Apple tends to drop the most useful items off of their products (looking at you too, MacBook with 1 USB-C plug).
They’ve become nothing but a bunch of money hoarders over there in Cupertino.

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Just remembered all this: