Interchangable m.2 OS drives [Dream Machine]

Currently, there is no way to separate users in Windows. They have different profiles, but that is the equivalent to putting on a different color hat. If one profile is insecure, they all are. (The first person to say, “Dual Boot” gets dual-booted!) :smirk: (say: “VM” and you get a hex put on you!)

Fortunately, on my current laptop, by simply removing a cover plate, I can easily pull out the hdd and replace it with another one on which I also have installed the same authorized copy of Windows. This way I can have separate drives for my Audio Production workflow, my Video workflow, and my office/personal/goofing-around (not)workflow.

If why I would want this isn’t clear, imagine not having to worry about corrupting my uber-valuable production drives because of some malware. I stay off the web when doing that work and only install precisely what I need, nothing more. Additionally, I never have to worry about rogue background processes from all those power/data hungry apps; again, because I have nothing I don’t need installed. It’s as if I have 3 different computers. Seriously. It’s great!!! Only one downside for the 5+ years I’ve been doing it. (windows updates on 3 drives is a trade-off.)

Here is how the mechanism works on mine:
(btw, I don’t have to turn it upside down to exchange, and I never replace the cover plate. Nothing falls out or is insecure.)

Yes, the FF is 2.5 SATA. [read:huge] but imagine using M.2. It could work not much different than a big SD slot.

Anyway, that is the first feature on my dream machine that probably hasn’t been suggested elsewhere. Thanks for looking.


I think it would be more of an express Card slot, maybe it is possible to reuse the Design for m.2

Yes. I imagine very similar to an express slot, perhaps a bit smaller in dimensions, but much closer to that in size than a SD slot. Yours is a better example.

I don’t recall where the current boot drive is located, but making it easily accessible for those who wish to use exchangable hdd’s (or upgrade to a larger hdd) but secure enough for those who have no interest in doing that.

My Lenovo has a cover plate attached with a small screw for access. I just left it off and was in business. Using it is as easy as plugging in an express card…although the “kids” may not remember what those were. (yup, my system has one of those too)


This feature would be useful for like 5% of users, i.e. absolutely useless and unnecessary added cost for the other 95% whose use case would suffice with the separate profiles available in windows.

While I personally would find use for it (same as you, separate work and personal drives), from a manufacturer standpoint it is very hard to justify adding this feature (which ostensibly would increase cost by 100-200) to cater to a very small minority of users.

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Well, I’m certainly no expert in such things as knowing what percentage of everyone who wants a laptop would find useful or how much cost is involved in either moving an already existing component or making the existing location accessible. So, I’m afraid all of that is lost on me.
I am simply doing as I was invited to do: sharing what ideas I would personally like to see in a device that I would consider “the best device ever seen.” Take it or leave it, that’s all I’ve done. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, don’t take it the wrong way - carry on sharing, I’m no expert either - just doing the same.

All I meant was that it’s a very niche feature that would probably be quite costly to implement and as such unlikely to happen.

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