Intense eye strain and headaches

Since I started using this display I’ve been experiencing very intense eye strain and headaches. At first I thought it was just me adjusting from the previous display (an LG 24MD4KL) but as it continued I looked into whether this is a problem other people have, and it is. Nano IPS (LG) displays seem to cause real problems for some people and I appear to be one of them :frowning:

I’ve seen suggestions that DCI-P3 could be the cause because the reds are so intense, but the 24MD4KL had more vibrant and intense colours. Then people have suggested brightness could be the problem but once again my old display was far brighter than I’ve had the 03 set at. It’s all very strange.

Currently I’ve put brightness all the way down to 20 and switched to sRGB to see if this helps reduce the pain but it’s kinda pointless purchasing a display like this if I have to do that.

Anyone else had this experience or found solutions/explanations?

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I have found the Spectrum to be insanely, painfully bright. I have brightness at 10, now, and am almost comfortable with it.


The eye strain is from the Spectrum. The headache is from Eve.


Personally, I found my eyes being seared compared to my previous (very old!) monitors because I wasn’t used to the additional brightness and the colour balance being very blue compared to my older monitors. I dropped the brightness to 40 and changed the Colour Temperature to 5003K Warm and my eyes sighed in relief!
To be clear, this is totally my eyes just being used to what I’ve been looking at for the last decade, not a problem with the monitors. :joy:


Its something with this type of screen…my skin on my face and hands get “blushed”. I can easy feel if Im too close to the monitor so I need to fix a bigger desk. I will also try different setting to see if things improve.

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