Intel launches a slightly faster Core m3 Kaby Lake CPU (and a new 4.5 watt Core i5 chip too) (Via Liliputing)

@Team: Could Eve upgrade the V to these slightly better processors down the road? I imagine it is too late in the game to change to these for the first round of V tablets.

Would you like the Eve V to use these slightly upgraded m3 and i5 processors in a later revision as soon as possible after the V’s release?

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Maybe they noticed V benchmarks and had to create something for the less talented manufacturers :wink:



Here is another thought: It could also be possible that Intel is preparing for AMD’s Raven Ridge APU’s well in advance by squeezing that last little bit of performance out of their Core M/Y-class Core products.

I am especially surprised by just how much they bumped up the clocks in the m3 model. In the article, it reads:

“[T]he Core M3-7Y30 processor has a base clock speed of 1 GHz and a top burst speed of 2.6 GHz. The newer M3-7Y32 starts at 1.1 GHz and tops out at 3 GHz.”

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For the time being, all Vs sold will be to the current spec. Of course all options will be considered (and carefully scrutinized by Eve and the community) when the time comes to update V!

The new i5 was mentioned elsewhere on the forums before, but its performance was similar to the one we have. That new m3 looks shiny, though!


I already asked about it with the new i5-7Y57:
(ARK had the new M3-7Y32 at that time not yet listed)

Here is the answer from Konstantinos:

As it looks with the new M3-7Y32 I do not know unfortunately. @Konstantinos Can you please check it?

Edit: New LINK to Intel-ARK


I think some German sneaked in to your post ^^


I have corrected it … :smile:


I don’t get it. I thought he brought up some very great points. Am I missing something? :laughing:

Same arch, just overclocked. Nothing to see here tbh


It would be nice as a silent upgrade. Microsoft did a similar thing with the Surface Pro 2 when they bumped up the processor from an i5-4200U to an i5-4300U.

I only had some german copy paste. Nothing dramatic.


This m3-7Y32 was released 7 months ago and there was no time to adopt design?
There was few months wait to change the screen.
Couldn’t you have used that time to also change m3?
This new version is equivalent to i5-7Y57
Looks like a significant boost for those on low budget that will be buying m3.

While there was time to adopt the design, it was no option because we already had the 7Y30 in our storage - so we could not simply switch to it for existing m3s.

We might switch to it later down the line, but that’s just a potential option & not a promise.


Ark Intel says their Recommended Customer Price is 281$. If that’s true, then why even have m3 cpu’s if you can put 7Y57 in both low and mid models.

This price is a very approximate indication and mean nothing in reality (they also state that 281 is the price for the m3, m5 and m7). From what a friend of mine in the industry told me is that the m3 are way cheaper to buy, and m7 a bit more expensive generally. But it’s hard to double cross those info. Eve knows though, they have the real numbers.

Are the prices of i5 7y54 and 7y57 already the same? Why not make this change on the next Vs from now?