Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor

Hi, any chance for a discussion on V 2.0 with the new 8 series U CPU’s from Intel?

They have similar TDP rating to existing models.

Most likely V2 will go with the y series of the upcoming and spectre/meltdown fixed 9th gen.


From what I remember, Eve will not offer a “yearly itteration of slightly better specs”.
A new V would have to offer substantial new features, not just a speed upgrade.
I’m not 100% sure I remember this correctly though, and it has been a while back since i read this. Their stance may have changed.


There hasn’t really been much discussion on a new iteration of the V as the team has said they’re not even thinking about it at this point.

8th gens Core i3s and Core Y are most likely to be 2 cores 4 threads again. Urrgh why…

Most likely not. I think the team is focusing on getting the V shipped out first, also with the Donald Dock project. But they’ll probably continue to use Intel’s Core Y series for the sake of complete silence (no fans)

Well then what is the point, sheesh.

Ehm, is a design TDP 200+% difference (4.5 W vs 15 W) really a similar design, or am I missing something? :sweat_smile:
The fact the Eve-V can stretch from the design TDP and use TDP-up (up to 7 W safely) doesn’t even take it near the TDP-down of the U class (10W)…

Using U class processors —> redesign (from scratch?) the device, specifically with a fan if you don’t want to throttle the processor…

When and if discussion for a V 2.0 starts (and I don’t see this happening very soon) and staying on Intel camp, IMHO it would make much more sense to just wait and see what next generation Y-series can offer…

EDIT: different processors also deeply affect battery life. Base frequencies (i7-8550u vs i7-7y75) are 1.80 vs 1.30 GHz, a considerable difference. You would get a very different device, much more like a laptop, and less tablet.


if you look at the table that you posted on TDP, then you’d find this:

meaning that is you take the minimum of the 8-series and the max of what the current has been designed for, then it should fit within the envelope of what Eve was designed for … there was talk of bumping the TDP in the BIOS of the current generation V up to 10 and maybe even 15 to get better performance. That’s what I meant by similar.

Anyway, I’m far from suggesting that they use that CPU for Eve V 2.0, but taking into consideration the extremely long times of delivery for the 1st gen product, it would be nice to see some discussions about Eve V 2.0 … otherwise @Team will find little customers as the market will have moved on.

1 year ago, the V was awesome value, now it’s OK … if you wait another 6-9 months, then the only thing that Eve will be able to compete on is price, and that is a race to the bottom in today’s world.


You’d get similar power draw, not performance. At 10W the Y processor has 2 cores that can boost up to 3+Ghz, the U processor has 4 cores that will be pinned at 800Mhz.

Glad to hear you u have good memories of the 1 year wait. You go ahead, I’ll pass for now - let me know when they’re actually considering it.

Thanks for the polite discussion! :slight_smile:

Hey, it’s totally fine to agree to disagree :slight_smile: To me that table tells the two are not similar, for the reasons I wrote in my previous post.

I understand your point better here. :+1: But, I agree only partially. :point_right:

  • About the past, Agree 100%: 1 year ago V was AWESOME value, considering both price and specs.
  • About the present, Disagree: Today Eve-V still has the same specs as the best 2-in-1 tablet/computers equipped an Intel Y-series processor, I don’t see any product in this category that has clearly surpassed it (I am willing to be educated otherwise ;)) To me the technical spec-sheet is still awesome. On the contrary, it is the price difference that has thinned (some competitors lowered slightly their prices, Eve-V price understandably has risen compared to IGG price.)
  • About the future, Agree 90%: When other brands will offer more in this category at similar/same price, as you said, Eve will have to a) lower prices on the current V and/or b) update specs to keep current prices. My guess is they have a little more time than your estimate (9-12 months at least?), however I agree the discussion on a potential generation-2 will have to start earlier than that… But right now it’s really too soon, I think… Currently they need to sell (and produce/ship them much faster… cough … LB backer without his V here… cough…) as many Vs as possible.

So should I buy ThinkPad X1 Tablet 3rd Gen with i7-8650U QUAD-CORE Processor or wait for an updated EVE V, how long is that going to take?

Expect the same timeframe it took for the V and then think about forum discussion starts in 6 months.
There is your date.

Really depends on what you want and/or need. If you need a quad core now or in the not too distant future, then buy something else.

Intel has only just stopped being dicks about the lack of cores now that AMD is back in the game, so it will probably take a while before we see low power quad cores.

In fact the processor in the V is still the best in its class, there is no 8th gen equivalent yet (and AFAIK there won’t be an update until at least mid-ish next year).

So if we assume V2 is going to remain the same with a fanless 2-in-1 design, you’re going to have to wait pretty long, and it might still not even be quad core.

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I would refrain from buying intel cpu’s atm. there are new security problems ahead that are design flows and have to be patched. one Patch comes this month the other in august…

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So true… just don’t bother buy intel for the next 9 to 10 months, except if they do a breakthrough in their 10nm manufacturing process

AFAIK we get another 14nm dubbed Whisky lake before 10nm…

I know but those schematics are already graved to the stone. So they won’t change the line of production so those will have the same bugs than 8th. The 10nm since they have problem, they can maybe change some part of the schematic.

what intel security problem you are talking about? have a link?