Installing software on V from desktop PC

Is this possible? Or could I at least hook my V up to my pc and have my pc detect it as a hard drive and transfer files that way?

Not sure this will work for apps.
There are “transfer your apps to another computer” programs to find by google.

Not really no. Why would you do that that way ?

Before saying yes or no or this or that: I’m not even sure what you’re asking?
What exactly do you want to do here?


To Transfer files you can either just use an USB Stick or a USB hard drive, you can Transfer the files over the network too or you can use Bluetooth to send them. I would prefer the network Transfer since it is the fastest Alternative.

Since the V runs a full-blown Windows you can just install all Windows Programms on it and use them like on your PC. I would suggest to do this manually, since I do not know any automatic Tool for that.

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I wanna do it over a network but all i have is my phone data and dont wanna use it and deal with th whole prioritize thing from tmobile

Ever heard of doing this by hooking a laptop up to a pc?

You can’t do that. Not the way you intended.
You can do things like that with powershell scripting and gpo or through Remote Desktop. But what do you seek doesn’t exist because a pc doesn’t work like an iPad. An iPad is actually not a pc. And so a Windows tablet is not an iPad but an actual pc.

You can Transfer your data over the Phones WiFi Hotspot. This will not use your data Plan if done properly, since the data will just travel from one PC to the other through the phone.
Sadly you cannot Transfer the programs easily, so I would suggest downloading them somewhere with free WiFi or something like that…

Hi there just recently I read this article. It explains multiple ways to transfer programs and data between two computers:

It is an easy read, and the instructions are ment for non IT users. Maybe it will help you.

Best wishes

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I honestly still don’t understand what you want to do…
And I say this purely because your question is not very specific and I don’t want to assume anything…

Do you just want to move your data/documents?
Do you want to have software you have installed on your desktop installed on your V?
Why the phone thing? Both your V and your desktop are connected to the same network, no?


Dont have any drives or anything I dont have the money to spend for it. just looking for alternitaves

also have large music libraries (music production) i wanna use on my V. (main reason)…

set up the music on a shared drive on your network.

So you’re purely looking to share data to your V then?
In that case do what @bfuentes said.

To be clear, when you say you have large music libraries for music production, do you mean actual music, or VST instruments orrr…?

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The thing is i live in my car at the moment and haven’t made music in like 2 years. I have my pc that i used to make all my music but its in storage. I dont have a way to power my pc except using a solar generator that i just sold on ebay. All i have is my phone data for Internet. The pc is not constantly on, obviously. I don’t have access to it like that. I might just have to wait and get a new 4tb external ssd then get a hotel to transfer all my libraries

Thanks to all anyway

Sound libraries! Its nothing to install the vsts on my V. The libraries are a different ball game. I have large ones. In some cases I have one or to libraries that take up a whole 500 gig hd

Aaaaaah ok, there we go, much needed context! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I feel your pain, my collection totals 1TB+…
I was going to suggest using your pc as a slave using Vienna Ensemble for example, that way you wouldn’t need to move the libraries themselves. But your living situation won’t accommodate that setup I guess :slight_smile:

Personally I think I’ll just be using Steinberg’s Halion engine (I use Cubase as my DAW) for on the road basic composing on the V (or whatever alternative I get in case of another delay) and then just move to my desktop/server for full-blown production. The V would likely have difficulty running all that stuff anyway.

To refocus on your primary question, no way you are gonna transfer software from your desktop to your V. Just forget it. You can transfer the iso or the executables for installation to your V through whatever devices/network you want. That’s what you can do. But you will be in the obligation to install them one by one no matter what.
I’m sorry about your situation nevertheless.
Since I’m sensitive to those situations if you need direct help with your V or other things, I’ve set up an email account to reach me for you at

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I plan on installing every program one by one but i have libraries (sounds) such as a lot of libraries that use the kontakt sampler (don’t know if you know about this stuff) that doesn’t require installation, just need the vst to point to where ever the sounds are. So your kind of wrong in regards to that. I dont plan to tranfer the programs themselves. Why do you say I wont be able to?


That’s the title of your thread mate. Installing software from your desktop.
So if you planned to install one by one then the title of your thread is not accurate.