Installing and using Open Office with Eve?

Has anyone used Open Office with Eve (as an alternative to MS Office), and how has it worked? I have OO installed on an Acer tablet (Surface wannabe) and OO writer (word processing) is very quirky on it, with the cursor jumping around to odd places in the document and so forth. Not impossible to work with, but annoying.

And … any other writing or word processing apps or programs people have used on their Eves which they like?

thanks, d.

The V is a full laptop with legit specs in that it’s a laptop with the touch and tablet functionality. OpenOffice has been around for much longer than the V so it would perform well and function perfectly. For anyone’s who needs something free, local, and also compatible it is a very good option.

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Great, thanks. And have you used the Eve with OO yourself?

WPS office. It’s my go to option to MS office. Way better than Open Office. Free version works very well. Paid version is very affordable. I put it on every workstation (at work) that doesn’t need MS for a specific reason.

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Just a friendly, general note that Eve is the company. V is the item. That’s like calling the Surface Pro 5 the Microsoft. I know most of the world does it with Androids…they call it a Samsung even if it’s not! Not a biggie though. No I haven’t used it, I have Office installed plus I use Google Docs and sometimes Microsoft online. But I have used it in the past as it’s fine for the majority of people’s needs for Word and Excel.

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Open office works allright on my V.

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I have open office installed and I was working yesterday on word and excel. It stoped and the program closed a lot of times. It was a bit weird and after the third time it was annoying. Then I started to use Office online on Microsoft website. It works well, its a basic version from normal Office, but for my needs it fits. I only need the basic resources of it.

You may want to try if your windows files are still correct.
see How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image | Windows Central


I have used open office, but am using MS OFFICE because of work, and it seems to be fine so while I haven’t been using OO much as I haven’t needed it, it shouldn’t be a problem with the full intel chipset.


When I was trying to install itunes on windows 7 it was really not installing at all. I have even tried to install it with admin privileges but still it was not installing at all.

So you downgraded to win 7? The V has the full specs of a windows laptop so I’d say there’s another issue behind your problem. Likely unrelated to the the V itself.


Unfortunately I don’t use Itunes, on this PC, I have a macbook that I bought while waiting for this to arrive. I should probably post the differences, as I feel that the Surface pro and the macbook are the target audience for this device.

You tried LibreOffice? OpenOffice is a bit old and deprecated.