Initial impressions 26.2.18 - TX, USA

Just received my V this morning.

Everything works, but like others, all add-ons were missing including extra adapter, extra long usb-c cable, and v zipper sleeve. Already submitted support request.

Box: Package was really well wrapped on the inside. Fantastic unboxing experience.

LB, i7, 1TB.

First impressions:

  1. well built and really worth the wait and cost;
  2. applied included screen protector with no issues or any bubbles–it’s great;
  3. usb-c cable included is a little loose on both ports, but it is charging;
  4. installing all the drivers and did the updates without issue:
  5. fingerprint reader is amazing;
  6. V does run a little warm though;
  7. no other issues so far, knock on wood.

For context, I’ve been running SP4 m3 for the past year while waiting for my V. Screen looks much Sharper (no pun intended). Will have to watch movies and load images to test differences.


I’ve been using it for a couple days now and still enjoy the “newness” of the device even though it is so similar to the SP4. I was able to run updates without issue, including the EVE posted driver updates. The silicone keyboard cover that works for my SP4 does not fit the V even though keys are similarly situated.

WARNING: As mentioned by others: The kickstand is sharp. Be advised what surface you put it on as it can easily scratch surfaces. It scratched the wood on my coffee table and also the glass on my work desk. BE CAREFUL. I have a plastic placemat on both now.

I’m getting about 7-10 hours on battery, which is better than I thought running mostly browsers and Office apps. Brightness setting at about 40%. I usually get 6-8 hours on my SP4, which has an m3 processor.

The Alcantara keyboard feels fantastic, on both sides. Really high quality. Though, it has started collecting dust and I am concerned about wearability, but that is also why I’m considering getting a second keyboard.