Indiegogo - how to buy guide

Hey! Here’s a guide you can follow to create your own Indiegogo account/buy something from Indiegogo. Do remember you don’t need an Indiegogo account to buy a perk.

  1. Got to

  2. Click on Sign up (should be on the top right corner)

  3. You can either then choose to use your Facebook account or to create one from scratch.

  4. If you choose to continue with your Facebook account you’re good to go! If not, you just need to fill in the blanks - First name, Last name, email and password.

  5. You can choose or not to receive their weekly newsletter.

  6. You should read the Terms of Use/Privacy Policy before you sign up :wink:

And that’s it for setting up an account to use on indiegogo!

To buy something on Indiegogo, when you click on the perk you want (where it says Get the perk), it’ll give you the information you need to fill out - you can do it as a guest or with an Indiegogo account. There you need to tell your shipping address, pay with credit/debit card or paypal and choose if you want to display your full name, remain anonymous or put any other name next to your contribution.

Here’s an example of what that page should look like:

If you have any questions please ask!


What currency will it be listed with? Any idea how the conversions work?

You started this thread the moment I signed up on IndieGoGo.

If you choose to use Paypal I think you will see the price in your curency (at the Paypal site).


I think the seller chooses the currency (I see stuff in USD, CAD, AUD, EUR…)

I found this though:

“If you raise money in EUR or AUD, you will only be able to accept contributions through PayPal … Please note that if you’re raising funds in CAD or GBP, funds can only be disbursed to a Canadian or UK bank account.”

but is looks like USD accepts credit card.

Yes, the seller chooses the currency, and as far as I know we’re going to have it set to USD. :slight_smile:

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that would seem to make the most sense. Any idea how the conversion rates work? Some places charge an arm and a leg to convert.

I can only speak from personal experience with Paypal - it depends on the conversion rate of Paypal.
E.g. I recently bought some mechanical keyboard switches via PayPal and the conversion rate was like 1.04. :slight_smile:

yes the more I think about I realize it depends on my banking. not indiegogo. :slight_smile:

Yeah it depends 100% on the service you’re using :slight_smile:

Info for example Paypal US (check your national version!):’s-currency-exchange-rates-FAQ1976

I think you can also change in your Paypal account whether you want for example the credit card associated with the Paypal account to be billed in the orgiinal currency.
If your credit card/bank account is being billed in USD and it is not a USD account, additional/different rates and fees may apply.

You should really check how you are going to pay and then look up the respective terms for the related services in your specific country. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.

thanks - I did a little digging and it seems paypal charges an additional 2.5% to convert the currency. you’re better ticking the option to pay in the seller’s currency and letting your bank convert. (even though the back still gouges…)

edit: it seems my bank charges 2.5% also. robbery.


I found this if it will help anyone - I plug in the 2.5 % my bank steals away the two currencies, and I THINK it shows the correct (actual) rate I’ll pay.
Visa conversion

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Drat - I got all excited because the countdown said it was only a couple of minutes to go, but it looks like the timer may have a bit of a glitch. Current time is 2:16pm Monday 21/11 in New Zealand and the timer looks like:


Correct launch time is probably 2pm GMT Monday or something like that, I’m now guessing? :persevere: :sleepy:

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The count down on is based on your local system time…just confirmed it by changing the time zone on phone and the count down clock change accordingly.

It got me all excited and thinking I need to get my trigger finger ready in 2 hours…

Yes, the correct launch time is 2PM GMT!

Sorry for the error!

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Thanks for confirming, @iKirin - I should have guessed the countdown was too good to be true!

I hope you have a generous supply of your preferred caffeine drink standing by - I bet things are about to get veeeery busy in your world!

He does have! Maybe even too much supply haha :wink:

Any clues on under what name (project title) will the Eve V be launched on IGG ? This will help us find it faster.

I’m pretty sure they will drop a link here :slight_smile:

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Yes @pauliunas is right!
Once we go live we’ll have a post with a link here in the community :slight_smile:

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