Inclination sensor for v-pen?

Hey, could you make a pen who register how i hold it and put it down on the painted pic on the screen?

You can buy the latest Microsoft Surface pen which is compatible with the V, and should have all the features you’re looking for.

Not sure if tilt will immediately work or if Eve will have to send out an update to allow this, but it will work eventually.

Ah okay, so the surface pen can make this… So if i get my new v there is a softwareupdate you could send me do make this possible? And you say its compartible… But the surface pen allow more hardness then the v-pen, will the eve v also check this additional hardness or will it cut on the 1k ?

If it doesn’t already work, there will [probably] be an update to make this work. I’m not part of Eve, so I don’t know for sure.

This should work immediately, but if not I’m sure Eve will push an update to fix it.

The pen that comes with the V is cheaper than the surface pen, and doesn’t have as many features. The V itself should support everything that the pen for the Surface offers.

The pressure levels are limited by the display so unfortunately you can’t get more pressure levels.

Tilt is based on the accelerometer in the pen and drivers that Coordinate all the data, seeing as Microsoft haven’t even provided the driver for surface pro 3 etc I doubt the v will be getting it any time soon.

As far as I am aware, If you buy one of Microsoft pens the only advantages you can use are better pen tips and an additional pen button/easer etc.


Microsoft advertises pressure levels with the specific pen, not with the Surface itself. I’m getting mixed results when googling too.

Isn’t this supposed to be coming soon from Microsoft? Like by the end of the year/next year?

Perhaps the way Microsoft is ‘reporting’ all of this information is just entirely asinine. That’s most likely.

are you sure about this? because I always was told it was done by having 2 discreet signals and interpreting the tilt based on those 2 points?

and this, I was under the impression it is the pen, the pressure on the nib that alters the electromagnetic field from the stylus, which is picked up by the screen

Or does all that only apply to wacom devices?


I was also under the impression that purchasing the Microsoft Surface pen would allow access to more pressure levels. Can someone from @Team confirm please?

Yeah Microsoft’s language is cagey but my understanding at the time of the announcement was most of the new capabilities of the pen work in conjunction with the new digitizer chip G5 or whatever it is now. This video somewhat confirms that. This guys is a digital artist so he does in depth pen reviews.

Who is right now? Who do I like? :smiley:

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