Inaccurate red on calibration report

Does your colour calibration sheet show that the red is inaccurate too? (>2 delta E) I wonder how we can fix that if that’s the inaccuracy AFTER calibration…

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Pretty sure the report shows the values before calibration, ie. what has been corrected due to calibration.

Hey, @mauimauer!

We would like to clarify that the calibration report in the box shows post-calibration results. It is printed based on the color accuracy reading of the monitor by our calibration machine right after SDR and HDR calibration is completed on the production line.

Hey, @RuffleMyFluffles!

It’s the characteristic of the panel of Spectrum ES07D03 to have inaccurate red DCI-P3 representation. This is because the panel covers 98% DCI-P3 color space, and the rest 2% is red.

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