Improvement points for the next model (Part2) Anti reflection of screen

I was developing antireflection from CRT.So there are lots of things to say about this.
When it says all, it becomes a book volume. So only a little.
The reflection prevention of EVE V was optically very wonderful.
However, the mechanical performance was very bad.
If it was this level of thing, I did not commercialize it. I knew that the claim would definitely come.

It is very difficult to obtain the strength of the layer with the lowest refractive index that comes to the surface.But here is a method to make it appear to be strong only in the performance test, but EVE V seems to be using it.

This is coated directly on the glass, so it should be able to be stronger.
This performance is less than antireflection on PET.
I would like to develop for the next model (probably impossible because the company does not accept…)
It is very difficult for the screen to remain in the best condition.
Let’s leave the glass without antireflection, and sell the film as an option.AR, AG, paper-like,veryHard, etc.
We can choise our favorite one and exchange it cheaply and EVE is happy with a sharp decline in claims.
Third parties in Japan also sell films for EVE V.It is not difficult.

Cinese $400TAB corei5 Ram4G SSD 128Gvs EVE V
EVE is very high performance
DELL Latitude 7285 $1500 i5 RAM 8G SSD 256G vs EVE V
EVE is a little better. But DELL is strong against scratch.
EVE’s screen is full of scratches