Improvement points for the next model (Part 1) Keyboard weak point

Change the bending part of the keyboard a stronger cable.
Change the shape where force is applied to one place of the cable.

I am repairing by myself now!
Disconnection_point 20181128_182141 20181128_174755 20181128_182518


Please let me know how you repair yours, so I can mine as well!

I write a report when I have time.Wait a while.

Repairing is easy, only connecting the parts that are broken.But When you do not know the cause, you better not do it.In my case I checked because the possibility of disconnect the cable was high.

This keyboard use battery, there is a danger of explosion if you make a mistake.

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I was upset about EVE 's lie.
Especially at the time of shipment
However, I feel a lot of empathy with EVE’s idea.
If EVE have the next, I will definitely participate from the beginning.
If EVE have the next . . .

QA / QC experts should also participate if there is the next project.

It is difficult to say my feelings with words that are not native…


It happened to me with two Eve V keyboard as well. I was afraid to be the only one but it seems to be definitely a design flaw. This issue must be addressed asap for the good sake of the customer but also of Eve: it will cost them a crazy amount of money to provide a new free keyboard each time a keyboard breaks.

Me too I feel a lot of empathy for this company, I really hope they will sort this problem out.
In the meantime, I am keen to read your report

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