Impressive EVE Screen

Hello all,

I received my EVE Spectrum screen yesterday. I’ll be short :

  • impressive packaging
  • Great colors, very punchy, far better than my previous 4K TN panel (which seems now to have a grey filter ^^) and superior than almost any IPS panel I’ve seen yet.
  • 144 Hz is working perfectly and seems very smooth
  • Freesync works perfectly fine (FS and GSync may cause some flickering orblack intermittent screen, here I don’t have any issues)
  • there is no clouding due to the backlight in any cornor, it’s a very good thing
  • the colors feel very accurate
  • as usual on windows with PC monitors, the HDR looks washed out, so I’m still in SDR.

I’m very pleased with my product. A GN950 would have cost me 950€ VAT included, with EVE I “only” paid 650 for a great product.

The only concern I have for now is the fact Windows 10 does not offer the 2560x1440 choice on my laptop using HDMI (The laptop is HDMI 1.4 so I can’t afford 2160p60). I have 2560x1600 but 30fps, so I’m still on 1080p for now. I have the 1440p option on my desktop PC using DP 1.4
(the laptop is my working laptop, I cannot install anything such as CRU)
I’ll consider to buy a USB-C → HDMI to achieve the 4K60



What Means? Why 60hz and not more? HDMI 2.1 doesn’t work?

Because it’s supposed to be 60hz on your ps5 and when you have a game that’s capable of 120 and such it will be enabled while playing the game.

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but shouldn’t the osd interface show me the maximum performance of that hdmi port? o is it normal that you show how much you are working at that time? §(the picture is taken in the ps5 menu, out of the game)

No it shows your current display info, ps5 on home/dash is 60hz

Go into settings>video>enable 120hz mode
Go into game preference mode and change to performance.

Play a game that supports 120hz like
Destiny 2 the base game is free
Call of duty also has 120 hz mode too

Once you are playing the game click your osd toggle and you’ll see it change