Impatient waiting for immediate responses and updates?

This may be of humorous interest to some esp those who are impatient for updates etc as well of the older members of the community. Just substitute Eve for the job



That pretty well sums up a lot that I’ve witnessed!

And, what’s more it’s been up a “whole 35 minutes” and nobody has responded except me.

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I’d feel sorry for her if she’s been in the waiting room for a year waiting for the interview :wink:


Beware that dopamine addiction - see also this one from Simon Sinek - it’s not their fault really to want instant gratification!


That would be an impossibility from what I have experienced!

It would a miracle if she would even turn up, let alone wait.

They usually want to know how much, before they even tell you what they can offer or find out what the work is about. (That’s if they are aware of what real skills are, and if they have any.)

The new generation of workers are another one of the reasons why I live in China, I don’t have to put up with any of this there.

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Sadly there are enough like that to make life as an employer more difficult.

Thanks Steve
Good to watch again.

Some time back I first saw it, and it still stirs me.

I agree with the cause, now it’s our job to help create the solutions.

I imagine it’ll create some very interesting and entertaining reactions here over the next few days.

Edit: I came back to check after 12 hours. - and 227 views. Only one entry, and it was complimentary.
It seems that some don’t like what is in the mirror.

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Another complaint here then - the outcome of voyage not achieved!


Well what do you know.
Now we’re up to 260+ views and nobody has taken the bait.

It appears they don’t like looking in the mirror.

However there may be another reason, but it escapes me for now.

Ummmmmm, perhaps because people are able to see the post for what it is - an attempt to “bait”. It’s a pretty poor one at that.


Actually it was a bloody good one. image

My words were the actual bait!
(Bait isn’t supposed to look like bait.)
And you were caught hook, line and sinker.

The previous articles by Steve were merely reflections.

Thanks for playing, you’re a true Aussie sport, and l we’re just have a little fun.
So many things have been a little too serious here lately.

PS You’ve also helped us bump up the view rate by about another 100+, as well as keep the thread current.
(now at 365)

Seriously? Do you have nothing better to do? I feel like I’m dealing with a 6yr old child here…


aren’t we all secretly 10 year olds inside?

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Yes, seriously!

It’s a holiday weekend as you know, and yes I have nothing better to do.

And yes as @tld8102 said, we are all children at heart, and it’s not a secret.

Sorry to ruffle your feathers so much. I didn’t realise you were so touchy and reactive.

I can’t be held responsible for the way you decide to feel.
I’ll keep that in mind in future communications you might read.

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you think this is juvenile? you obviously didn’t see the nonsense i was getting up to in december then.


Yeah, and I’m glad he didn’t hear about what you were wearing this morning.
That would’ve sent him off the rails completely.

The rest of us are even more relieved that you didn’t post any raunchy or nudie pics.
But I fully understand your motives, and I guess you couldn’t chance your wife seeing what you’re up to when she’s not looking.

Though I think you really need to have more consideration for the audience members here sometimes, specially being so early in the morning.

An additional input here which links neatly to your post

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Seems that nobody’s been here for a while.
Eeerily quiet in this neck of the woods.

Never mind, maybe they’ll come tonight with the tracking numbers.
Then again maybe not.

probably not… But who knows! I guess 4PX know.