Image "Retention or Burn" Issue


I pre-ordered the Eve Spectrum on May 2020 and completed the payment for it on May 2021. I received the monitor on the 26/11/2021 and was very happy after setting it up as it looked absolutely amazing with my XBOX Series X and PC.

However, since yesterday there is an image from me playing overwatch that seems to be burned into the background. This is causing the screen to flicker in the middle (big square).

I have tried the following to rectify this:
Updated the firmware to 104.
Left the screen off for hours, cold rebooted it
Changed settings in the OSD to try and fix this
Changed source, cables

The image is still there and is now causing me difficulties using this monitor. I am quite disappointed as I have had the monitor less than 2 weeks.

This issue is very similar to the below post from another user:

I have raised an issue with support as this is still within the DOA period but wanted to post on here as well incase anyone has suggestions? :frowning:

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